JAN. 17, 2004


PRESENT: Nancy Stull, Ken Russell, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa, Marianne Shotwell, Daun Botta Pillo and one Association Condominium Owner.


Meeting convened at 9:05am, Board Member Nancy Stull Presiding.




1:  Review minutes for November

     Page l – Change lounge to read, “clubhouse”.

     Page 2 – Corrected Item B from $50.00 to $125.00 monthly.

     Nancy moved approval

      2nd. By Ken 

      Vote: Unanimous


2:  Reviewed special meeting of Dec. 13, 2003

     Correct spelling of “unanimous”.

     Nancy moved approval

     2nd. By Ken

     Vote:  Unanimous


3:  Welcomed guest homeowner and mentioned rotten deck in Phase 2.  This will be addressed in the spring.


4:  Open discussion on repairs to units 230, 239, 218 and 253.    The repairs of units 230, 239 and 253 are completed.  Unit 218 re: water and moisture inside room.  No complaint has been received from the owner since gutters were cleaned.  Nancy will verify from the owner that everything is o.k.


5:  Marianne was not completely happy with the quality of work.  Board is to review workmanship after the meeting.


6:  Nancy to follow up with Kevin for working drawings on Phases 1, 2 & 3.  Once these drawings are accounted for, they will remain on site and be stored within the clubhouse.

7:  Welcomed Jim Morehouse (Unit 237, Phase 1).  He has volunteered to do a walk through on a regular basis.  Thank you Jim.  Nancy volunteered to monitor toilet paper, soap and paper towels at the clubhouse and purchase supplies from Costco.


8:  Larry to contact Darrel to clean roof and gutters at the end of February and to give us a schedule of how often he would recommend it be done.  Eg. Every 2-3 months and more in the fall?


9:  Discussed what Jim Morehouse would do.  1) Walk through

2)      Replace inside lights

3)      Keep garbage can area clean

10: Nancy to monitor clubhouse cleaning and contract a local cleaning company to clean every two months.


11: Daun to fax handyman duties to Darrel.




1:  Claim tendered to insurance company regarding pipes breaking in cold weather in Units 226, 227, 240, 241 and 248.  The insurance company will contact us later in regards to this claim.


2:  Compliments were given to all those trades that were involved.  Nancy to draft up a thank you letter to:  Matt – Plumber

              Swans – Dale



A motion by Daun – Re. Access keys to condo units and absentee owners.

If the Board does not have access keys to units, then the condominium owners must realize that in an insurance claim such as bursting pipes and water damage, the Association will not be held responsible for costs incurred to gain access to these units.  Nor will the Association be responsible for any theft in the units if they are unlocked.

A draft notice will be mailed to all condominium owners regarding access keys to the units.


4:  Garbage pick-up staying as is.


5:  George Emmett is doing well.


6:  Board of Directors is down to six (6).  It was decided to send out flyers for help.  Marianne to draft up a letter.


7:  Leo has resigned as handyman.


8:  TREASURER’S REPORT:  l) Signature stamps are on order.

                                                2) Reviewed budget


9:  Call Darrel Robinson re:  Unit #213, Phase 2 and leaking roof.

      A:  Have Darrel call Marianne for keys to unit 230 and supply room, for caulking.  Please review gutters and moss situation.  ** We want all gutters and roof cleaned by February.

      B:  Mildew in Unit #216, Phase 2.  Find source and then unit will be repaired.


10: Deck problems in Phase 3 will be done in the spring.


11:  Phase 1 is to have all fire alarms in units hard wired to main panel, per Daun, for monitoring within 7-year plan from 2003.


Nancy :  Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:12 am.


Submitted by: Larry Kosterewa, Secretary