President:                              Cathy Tepel

Vice President:                     Jim Morehouse

Treasurer:                              Carol Hassebrock

Secretary/Recording/          Katy Montfort

Resale Certificate:  

Maintenance:                       Wayne Holverstatt

Lawn Maintenance:                        Deanne Wright

                                                Chris Urquhart



Deanne Wright, Jim Morehouse


Gary Haveman, Ralph Tepel


1 letter regarding Clubhouse locks, Dan D to look at


November 18 minutes approved as presented


Approved as presented.  Cathy motioned that we authorize Carol to work with Susan L Thomson-Sines. CPA.  Chris seconded.  All in Favor



1.         MAINTENANCE:
The bike racks have arrived and Wayne will build the roof when the weather is a little nicer.  Wayne will build cement platforms for the driveway lights in an attempt to keep them working.  Wayne stated that the complex maintenance needs are in good shape.  Dan D Construction is to look at the leak in the covering above Unit 216 steps.  The property liability signs have been installed.  Support beams have been installed in the pool area.

2.         GROUNDS:
The grounds contract is due to expire March 1st.  Bids will be sought.  Cathy will notify the Board by email and a vote will be taken by email.  Deanne Wright wishes to be removed from the grounds committee.  Jim has volunteered to take over the weekly supervision.

3.         SALES:
No sales, but at this time there are 3 for sale.



Rob Parker with Bakerview Electric has advised the Board that the already purchased camera system will work for the clubhouse needs.  The pool will need upgraded cameras.  Cathy motioned that we go ahead with installing the purchased camera system and the upgraded cameras for the pool area. The wireless cameras are to be postponed.  Wayne seconded.  All in favor.

Cathy presented the bid for upgrading the lighting in the parking lot.  It is to include a flood light that will light the northern section of the parking lot, as well as install 4 light packs on the north and south side of BLDG III.  By changing out the ballasts on the existing pole box lights the electrical needs will be reduced and the increased light will provide better security for the parking lot area.  Cathy motioned that we go forward with the lighting needs outlined. Wayne seconded.  All in favor.

3.         RENTAL AGREEMENT:  tabled for February meeting.



1.         TRASH:
The Board discussed the need for better control over who is depositing trash in the bins.  Several owners have continually reported that people from off sight are bringing their trash.  Only trash generated on the property is to be put in the bins.  After a discussion of ways to handle the issue, Wayne motioned that we place a padlock on the trash compound.  Cathy seconded.  All in favor.  Cathy is to check with the trash company to make sure they have access.

2.         POOL NEEDS:
The roof on the pool area is leaking. Cathy to contact Nolan Roofing.   Katy motioned that we hire someone with pool and structural knowledge to advise us.  Carol seconded.  All in favor.

Cathy has been looking into having the pool and shower area painted.  Due to incorrect application of the existing paint, application of new paint could cause new problems with continued integrity of the existing paint.  Carol proposed that we paint the women’s shower area to see what will happen.  Chris seconded.  All in favor.  Cathy to contact painters.

Cathy spoke with the electrician about better lighting for the pool area.  Robert stated that installing new ballasts and better bulbs the pool lighting would be more efficient and brighter.   For every 6 that are installed the savings in electricity with pay for them.  Cathy proposed that we change the lighting when the pool roof solutions have been implemented. Katy seconded.  All in favor.

In recognition of the responsibilities and time commitment required to maintain the pool to meet Whatcom County Health and Safety standards, Katy motioned that we increase the salary for the pool maintenance from $250.00 to $450.00 to bring the pool maintenance salary in line with the salary for other in house maintenance work.  Cathy will work with the present pool maintenance person to update a job description for pool maintenance and to designate and arrange for training for back-up persons for pool maintenance when a substitute is required.  






Next Meeting:

February 18, 2011 at 9:00am




 Katy Montfort, Secretary