January 18, 2014


President:                          Cathy Tepel


Vice President:                 Jim Morehouse


Secretary:                          Kim Burgess


Treasurer:                          Carol Hassebrock


Board Members:              Wayne Holverstott

                                             Chris Urquhart


ABSENT:                             Deanne Wright


CALL TO ORDER:              9:05 AM


Call to order by President Cathy Tepel.


Cathy requested agenda be modified to include a President’s Report.  Additional item to be included in future agendas.  Cathy gave update on issues dealt with since our last meeting.


GUESTS:                             Anne Van der Zalm




MINUTES:                          Motion made by Carol to approve the minutes as presented.  2nd by Wayne.  Approved.


FINANCIAL REPORT:       Presented by Carol.  Motion made by Jim to accept as presented.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.




        Grounds:                    Cathy and Carol met with gardeners to discuss the need for lime and mulch.  Agreed that only the mulch at the front of the buildings to be top dressed and lawn to have lime spread.


        Maintenance:           Wayne gave the following update:


-        Electricity to the shed is completed at a cost of $1,213.00 (original bid $2,500.00).  Certified electrician has checked and approved all electrical work.

-        Lights installed for the bike rack.  Currently, the lights are staying on approximately ˝ hour.  Wayne will adjust the timer settings. 


-        Wayne will look into the cost of a cold pack to close in the electrical work.

-        Outstanding window replacements scheduled to be completed Tuesday,  Jan 21, 2014.


Cathy presented a list of several projects compiled by Duane Vis with an estimate of costs.  Motion made by Wayne for the following projects to be completed:


-        Door trim on club house (4 doors) (sand, prime and paint)

-        Clean sky lights and treat for moss

-        Building 1 chimney caps (paint and rust treatment)

-        Clean building 2 NE walls and treat for moss

-        Clean gutters and roofs


2nd by Jim.  Approved.


               Sales:                   No sales.


OLD BUSINESS:                Attorney and governing documents:


                                             To be discussed during closed executive meeting.


                                             Swimming Pool:


 Cathy presented draft letter to Mr. Flores regarding his concerns with the MCCA pool to update on completed tasks and outstanding issues.


The cost to resurface the pool is approximately $90,000.00 with a 3 month closure.  Another option is to fill the cracks, replace missing tiles and paint the pool surface at a much lower cost and a 3 week closure.  Cathy will research options and costs to be presented at next meeting.           


NEW BUSINESS:               Satellite dishes / notification to renters:


                                             Discussion regarding placement of satellite dishes.  Notification to be given to owners/renters with dishes extending beyond deck.




Complaint received regarding parking against the buildings.  As discussed previously, all owners/renters are entitled to one parking space against the building and additional vehicles to be parked against the back wall.


Discussion regarding adding one additional handicapped parking space to accommodate owner’s need.




Carol presented 2014 budget.  Wayne moved to accepts budget as presented.  2nd by Chris.  Approved.



OTHER BUSINESS:           Internet access – Ecco Wireless


Ecco Wireless internet to be installed by the end of January 2014.  Owners will be provided with a free 2 week trial and information on subscribing to new system.


Attorney and governing documents:


Meeting closed to Executive at 10:50 am to discuss finalizing Amendment 6.


Executive meeting re-opened at 11:15 am.


Motion made by Chris that the resolution be passed and the 6th Amendment be filed.  2nd by Wayne.  Approved.


Motion to adjourn by Cathy.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.


ADJOURNMENT:              11:00 am


Next meeting:                   February 15, 2014 at 9:00 am







Kimberli Burgess, Secretary