Mariners Cove Association Board Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2018


Board Members Present:  Wayne Holverstott, Tom Street, Chris Urquhart, Carol Hassebrock

Guests:  Tim Lynch, Sharon Tucker, Kathy Weeks, Katie Montfort


Call to Order 9:05 am


Minutes of November 2017 presented.  Wayne moved to approve as presented; 2nd by Tom.  MC.


General Budget and Reserve Fund presented by the budget committee for owners’ comments and suggestions. Board discussed budget and changed some of the line items to reflect needed increases.  Income will not cover anticipated expenditures of the amended 2018 budget.  Motion to increase dues $10 a month was made by Chris with increase to start on the second quarter; seconded by Wayne.  MC.


Motion to accept the 2018 general budget as amended was made by Chris, 2nd by Tom.  MC.  Reserve Income and possible expenses of the 2018 reserve fund were discussed.  Comments and questions from the floor were taken.


Financial Report presented by Carol.  Motion to accept as presented by Chris, seconded by Wayne.  MC


Facilities Report by Wayne.  Spring cleaning will begin as weather permits.  Bike enclosures are finishing up.  Once rain has stopped, touch up painting can begin on Building I & II. Motion sensor light being considered in pool area.


Old Business:   Tim reported on Building 3 roof issues.  Nolan roofing representative and Tim inspected the roof.  TPO fabric is in good shape.  Screens have been removed from down spouts and scuppers and roof water is no longer accumulating.  Roof and building maintenance to be discussed further at next meeting- costs, frequency of cleaning, gutters, etc. 


Kathy Street has agreed to work with Ralph Tepel when cameras need monitoring at the request of a Board member. 


Phone Lines:  Cathy is contracting with Frontier to add an additional phone in the spa area for 911 calls.  Comcast is no longer our phone provider.


Update on Building III repairs from water damage was presented by Carol.


Window/patio door replacement progressing for glass that has failed.


Garbage:  At least one owner has difficulties accessing the garbage bins as the lids are too heavy and too high for the individual.  Discussion on how to accommodate followed.  No action taken.


New Business:  None


Executive Session re personnel tabled for February meeting.


Adjournment:  10:05 am.


Next meeting Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 9 am.