Mariners Cove Condominium Association

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2023


Call to Order:  9 am via Zoom

Attendees: Ralph Tepel, Steve Wimbush, Jamie Ponder, Felecia Sutton, Sandi Mehl, Brooks Friedland, Eric Hedges, Carol Hassebrock

Greet guests: Cathe Weeks, Shane Harvey, John Templeton, Marcia Schouten, Don Graham


Minutes of November 12 as emailed. Motion to approve as submitted by Felecia Sutton, second by Steve Wimbush. Motion carries.

Financial Report as emailed. None provided via email. Verbal report from Carol Hassebrock. Motion to table financial report until written is provided by Eric Hedges, second by Jamie Ponder. Motion carries.


Committee Reports:

            Facilities:  Brooks Friedland. Sprinkler break, building 1 steps. Sandi Mehl noted that ceiling above her steps in unit 219 has been repaired but not painted. Unit 213 has a few items that need to be corrected. 215 deck. Pool lights not on motion sensor due to liability of people using pool in the dark, suggestion to add motion sensor, Brooks will get a quote for next meeting. Lock for storage unit for John Templeton’s unit.

             Lawn/grounds:  Jamie Ponder. Everything in lockdown and being maintained during the winter. Snow removal service provider will not be providing services, we received notification at last moment. We were not able to find an alternate provider. Marcia provided a contact for someone to do the plowing and Carol spearheaded the shoveling effort.


Old Business:

            Budget for 2023 Ralph provided a recap. We are in pretty good shape with overall under budget. Flood insurance premiums were surprisingly lower. Should be no or minimal dues increase for next year. Per CCR’s we can continue with previous budget if we don’t have an approved current budget.

            Trees impacting views – Don Graham. Don has not had a chance to follow up with the neighbors regarding impact of their trees on the building 2 views and damage to fence.


New Business

Motion by Eric Hedges to continue with 2022 budget until 2023 budget is ratified in February, second by Steve Wimbush. Motion carries.

Flood Emergency Plan – Callout lists. Ralph has been in contact with BBWS during flood events. They are aware of risks of their system malfunctions to our facility. Chain of contact has been established for communications from BBWS. Call from BBWS puts a chain of events in action that needs from training for those on the call list. It would be a good idea to have an emergency binder readily available.

Xmas sprinkler break in building 3 vestibules. Main damages in 252 and 243. Dry guys were out to mitigate the water. Ralph gave an update on damages and repairs. The vents that were installed helped to reduce the amount of damage.

Motion by Eric Hedges to self insure the current damages due from the last freezing event, second by Steve Wimbush. Motion carries.

Motion by Jamie Ponder to seek a fire protection consultant to review and potential design a solution to vestibule and other areas where we are subject to fire system freezing, second by Brooks Friedland. Motion carries.

Vacuum and coffee pot for clubhouse. Felecia requested that the budget committee consider adding these expenses to the upcoming budget.

Motion by Sandi Mehl to authorize Felecia to engage the auditor for 2022 audit and filing of 2022 taxes at a cost of $2,900, second by Steve Wimbush. Motion carries.


Executive Session: Review response from Lawyer Re; CCR interpretation


 Out of Executive Session: 


Next meeting: February 24, 2023.  7pm.


Motion to adjourn