FEB. 21, 2004

 PRESENT:  Nancy Stull, Daun Botta Pillo, Ken Russell, Marianne Shotwell, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa

Meeting convened at 9:04 am, President Nancy Stull presiding.


1:  Review minutes for January
     Page 1, Item 4  - Strike out “workmanship acceptable”
     Page 1, Item 3  - Correct rotten deck in Phase 2, not Phase 3
     Page 2, Item 6  - Correct Board of Directors, down to 6 not 5
     Page 3, Item 11- Add: For monitoring within 7-year plan from 2003
     Nancy moved approval
     2nd by Daun
     Vote: Unanimous

2:  Guests John Nieboer and Mark Sowers were welcomed.
     A: John Nieboer expressed concern about the moss in the lawns and about the new insulated pipes bursting during the freeze.
     B: Mark Sowers presented a bid to redo the drywall in his unit and a bid to redo his floor.

3:   Reviewed roof bid from Hytech to replace shakes and roof in Phase l.  Two more bids to come in.  Ken to follow up.  Phase 3 in 1998 roof was done.  Open discussion in obtaining bids to have a contractor do annual maintenance on roof twice a year.

4:   Ken to obtain bids to repair roof over units #239 and #230 as soon as possible so that units can be repaired inside, due to water damage.

5:   Nancy moved to accept bid to repair ceiling in Unit #239 at $1101.60.

6:   Bids to follow to repair floor in Unit 239.

7:   Moss removal to be addressed during the spring clean up.

8:   Daun moved to drop the Walker’s one claim, due to no plumber tradesman as a witness in the Mariners Cove condominium owner’s favor.

 9:   Excel lawsuit renewed for one year and will be addressed this summer.

 10: Mark to follow up in regards to blueprints on the sprinkler plans for Phase 2 & 3.

 11:  Audit – Daun turned over all documents to Mark Simard.

 12:  Larry to follow up with the lawn care and Greenskeepers bid for March meeting.

 13:  Ken to obtain one more bid on the handyman issue. Vote on one of the three will be done thru e-mail.

 14:  Deck status repair to be addressed when handyman is secured.

 15:  All monies for the security fence installation are in.  Ken to follow up on contractors.


1:   Marianne to follow up with presentation bid on recycling for the general meeting on     June 5, 2004.

 2:   Marianne to do mail out of minutes and a request for two more board members.

 3:   Parking lot lights are on the list, but unaffordable at this time.

 4:   Treasurer’s report given by Daun. The duties of a Treasurer were reviewed.

 5:  Lighting request for the north end of the recreation building are to be addressed when handyman is selected.

 6:  Daun handed in her resignation as a Board Member and will be missed. Her keys were turned over to Nancy Stull.

 7:  Marianne is to be the new Treasurer for the remainder of the 2004 term.

 Nancy:  Motion to adjourn at 11:30 am.

2nd by Ken

Vote:  Unanimous

 Submitted by:  Larry Kosterewa, Secretary