Mariners Cove Association Board Regular Meeting

Minutes, February 10, 2018



Call to order: 9am Carol, Cathy, Tom, Chris, Eric

               Greet Guests. Tim Lynch, Sharon Tucker, Don and Stacy Famellos

               Add agenda items from guests.



Minutes of January meeting as E-mailed. Chris motion to approve, Cathy second. Approved.

Sales: Unit 247 has sold.

Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Tom motion to approve, Chris second. Approved.         

Grounds Report:  Carol, Wayne and Tim walked the grounds and have come up with a list of items to be addressed.

Facilities Report:  Wayne Holverstott and Tim Lynch.

Old Business:    

1.      Tim Lynch report on roof inspection with Nolan Roofing.  Discussion on stopping water damage during next ice storm.  Tim updated work that Kramer landscaping has done on gutters. All are now clean and self draining but without the screens they need to be cleaned frequently. Nolan roofing has determined that metal surround on fireplace surrounds are deteriorating and need to be repaired. The one with a leak has been temporarily repaired. Lynden sheet metal is coming out on Wednesday to give us a fair price estimate to repair permanent. (8) sheet metal caps need to be fabricated and installed. If the price is not good Tim will get a bid from Baron Heating. Kevin Johnson with Whatcom Refrigeration can also do a bid.

2.      Guardian Security/ Frontier phone lines. Tim will get phone line installed.

3.      Building 3 water damage and repair update. Our insurance has given us an estimate for the damage. We are handling through our insurance agent who will be getting compensation from owner’s insurance. We will need to pay our $10,000 deductible but will be reimbursed. NW Professionals have done clean up and have been paid by our insurance. 


New Business:

1.       Report on walk-about of buildings and grounds.  Discussion on priorities.  Hire or in house work?  Etc.

Building 1:  230 (Olson) water stains living room and over stairwell;  leaking window inside small bedroom;  refinish and paint stair risers and handrails on all units;  


Building 2:  #213,214 weeping under paint on landing outside wall and on second floor side wall facing south.  214, finish bay side deck paint.  Extend downspout on driveway side/ parking lot end and add gravel along building. 


Building 3: Down spouts on driveway side need lengthened so water doesn’t hit dirt and puddle;  248,249 replace flooring on top landing; 


Clubhouse:  Finish installing phone in pool area;  Finish shower door and mirror in men’s shower.


Cloudy windows:  #255 Grenz living room balcony door;  #247, Potts balcony door;  #230 Olsen both living room patio door windows; #233 Henshaw, small bedroom window.  Carol will send out survey to all owners for window/door glass needs.


Other:  Sidewalks leveled where dangerous;  Cut tree roots to stop further sidewalk damage.    Schedule two bids for dryer vent cleaning; Cathy will reach out to owner who has dryer vent cleaning company.  Green truck by dumpster in disrepair and has not been moved in quite some time. Chris motion, Tom second to contact condo owner in inform him in writing that the truck will be towed at his expense. Tennis court side yard can be cleaned by a committee of the owners who volunteer for the betterment of the community.


Gardens:  Cut back siding on bottom of gardens where dirt meets siding board.  Move dirt away from wall and add rocks in that space.  Prune maples tree in front of #229 and in front of #244 and 245.  Driveway clean-up throughout winter. 


Notify owners #212 of renter’s car noise and attitude.


Notify owners #232 of need to remove renters truck from parking lot.  See above.



Executive Session approximately 10 minutes to discuss personnel.

                              Pool maintenance wages 


Out of Executive Session:  Business from Executive Session. Tom motion to increase wage for pool maintenance position as discussed, Chris second. Approved.


Adjournment  Eric motion to adjourn at 10:55AM, Chris second. Next meeting March 17, at 9 Am.??