Mariners Cove Association Board February 15, 2020




Call to Order:† 9 am. Stacy, Chris, Carol, Cathy, Tim, Eric


Greet Guests. Ralph Tepel, Sharon


January Minutes: Motion to approve by Eric, second by Stacy. Approved


Correspondence. None


Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Motion to approve by Cathy, second by Tim. Approved.


Report from Tim: Continued issues with drain pipe to beach, parking lot flooding, drain water from property above. Kendell Tree service proposal to trim trees on the property was $2,600. Proposal to change gutters on building 3 was $3,200 and 3rd floor of building 2 was $800 for a total bid of about $4,000. Drywall repairs by Karl King due to water damage from roofs, unit #231 $150, unit #233 $150, unit #239 $200.


Old Business:

††††††††††† Action on tree maintenance contract as recommended by Tim

Discussion and action on Policy for Security camera use.† Guidelines for when and who. Ralph. See new business below.

Attorney report concerning renters, CCR changes, Policies etc.† Insurance law interpretation. Discussed.

By-law and policy work. A committee needs to be formed to review and draft proposed new by-laws and policies.


New Business

Motion by Tim, second by Cathy to hire Karl King for $500 to repair drywall in units 231, 233 and 239 due to roof leak issues. Possibility of $50/hr if moisture is found to dry out. Approved.


Motion by Tim, second by Stacy to hire to hire A-1 gutters for $1000 plus tax to repair and replace gutters on the north side of building 2. Approved.


Motion by Cathy, second by Stacy to hire Prismatic Cleaning Services for $175 per service to clean clubhouse windows. Proposal is to clean twice a year. Approved.


Motion by Chris, second by Cathy to complete tree trimming by Kendall Tree Service for $3,000. Approved.


Motion by Chris, Second by Stacy to approve Policy for Security Camera Use as presented in Carolís email. Tim, Stacy and Ralph are authorized to view camera footage at the request of the board. Approved.


Motion by Eric, second by Chris to allocate $200 and offer Nancy the opportunity to attend Health Department annual pool maintenance seminar.


Discussion to restrict clubhouse use on July 4 and December 31. To be added to agenda at annual meeting.


Other business

Compensation for Nancy to attend Health Department annual pool maintenance workshop. See above.


††††††††††† Insurance discussion


††††††††††† Tim will talk to Wayne regarding water damage repairs in his unit.


Executive Session:† 15 minutes



Out of Executive Session

††††††††††† Any action from Executive Session. None.


Next meeting March 21 at 9:00AM.


Motion to adjourn at 11:13AM by Eric, second by Stacy. Approved. ††