Mariners Cove Association Board February 6, 2021

Special Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 9:00 am

Attendees: Ralph Tepel, Carol Hassebrock, Jamie Ponder, Brooks Friedland, Chris Urqhuart, Felecia Sutton

Absent: Eric Hedges

Guest: Cathy Tepel


Purpose: Discuss modifications to the CCRs. The CCRs as written do not allow the Association to assess owners that are responsible for causing an event that results in an insurance claim be assessed the cost of the deductible.


CCRs as written do not allow insurance claims to be subrogated. It is proposed to allow the Association to assess individual homeowners for the deductible in the event of an insurable loss resulting from their actions or omissions that may result in the loss.


Also discussed amending the Rules and Regulations to allow for fines for infractions and possibly re-writing CCRs to bring them up to date to current standards and remove material no longer relevant to the condominium. CCRs are generally boiler plate to follow Washington State Condo Law and most of the work is done by a paralegal.


The current condo budget includes $6200 for legal fees for modifications to the CCRs.


Estimated costs:

Change insurance deductible assessment: $1200

         Change Rules and Regulations: $500

         Re-write CCRs: $3500 (includes change for insurance deductible assessment)


Motion to complete update of CCRs for a cost not to exceed $6200 by Jamie, second by Brooks. Motion passed


Motion to engage Greg Thulin to rewrite CCRs by Chris, second by Jamie. Motion passed


Motion to create committee to be made up of Carol, Ralph assisted by Cathy Tepel as a consultant by Chris, second by Brooks. Motion passed


Motion to adjourn by Chris, second by Brooks. Passed.


Meeting adjourned 10:05 am