Mariners Cove Association Board Special Meeting

Minutes  February 7, 2022


Call to Order:  7 pm


Attendees: Ralph Tepel, Jamie Ponder, Brooks Friedland, Sandi Mehl, Steve Wimbush, Carol Hassebrock.  Excused Absence:  Felecia Sutton


Carol motioned to go into executive session.  Steve seconded.  MC.


Out of executive session.


Motion to distribute insurance money to owners after remediation and repairs are completed and costs are known.  Owners are to use insurance money towards flooring, water heaters, vanities, paint and other items as pre-approved by a representative of the board.   Invoices to support the expenditures are  to be given to the board for an audit trail.  Unused insurance money must be returned to the association.  Motion by Steve, seconded Brooks.  MC.


A contract of understanding between the board and the owners receiving insurance money will be drawn-up by Steve.  Motion by Sandi, Seconded Brooke.  MC.


Motion to engage attorney’s advice on contract of understanding.  Carol will contact attorney.  Motion by Jamie, seconded Brooks.  MC


Minutes to reflect the board’s intention to contact Birch Bay Water and Sewer concerning the status of our claim for damages.  We will request a meeting with management to discuss prevention of back-up sewer entering our sewer lines and damaging units.


Motion to adjourn Carol, seconded Sandi.  MC.  8:25 pm