Mariners Cove Board Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2016


Present:  Cathy Tepel, president; Carol Hassebrock, treasurer; Wayne Holvertott, Deanne Wright, Chris Urquhart, board members.

Absent:  Kim Burgess, Jim Morehouse

Call to Order:  9 am.

Minutes of the February Board meeting were approved with a motion by Wayne and Second by Deanne.

Financial Report was presented.  Approved by motion made by Chris and Second by Wayne.

President’s Report:  Cathy Tepel

Bike was stolen.  Gutters cleaned.

Committee Reports:

Wayne Holverstott, Facilities Report:

1.      Painting hand rails

2.      More work on Building 3 under decks to keep birds and squirrels from nesting.


Deanne Wright, Gardens and Grounds Report:

1.      Mowing to start mid-March.

2.      Discussion on watering lawns this summer.  No decision reached.


Old Business:

By-laws tabled.

Pool work completed.  Board members viewed the pool.  Members happy with appearance of the pool and with the contractor’s workmanship.


New Business:           

1.      Annual meeting discussed.  Owner’s packets are being assembled.

Executive Meeting:

Cathy Tepel called the Board into executive meeting at 10:15am to discuss security issues.


Open meeting reconvened at 10:30.  Letter to renter concerning misuse of clubhouse was approved with a motion by Chris and a second by Deanne.  Board members present signed the letter.  Letter to be mailed to each of the three renters involved and to the condo owner.



Adjournment:    10:50    Next meeting April 16, 2016.



Carol Hassebrock, Acting Secretary