Mariners Cove Condominium Association

Regular Board Meeting

April 30, 2022


Call to Order:  9 am via Zoom

Greet guests:


Minutes of March 22th as emailed

Financial Report as emailed.


Committee Reports:

            Facilities:  Brooke Friedland        Lawn/grounds:  Jamie Ponder


Old Business:

            Conversation with Birch Bay Water and Sewer concerning “flood”.

            Flood/frozen pipe repairs progress report.

            Reserve Study Services/Contracts

            Pool condensation problem

            Spring cleaning update

            Spring/summer maintenance items


New Business:

            Special assessment for insurance deductible

            Spring Cleaning this Spring.

Annual Meeting planning


Executive Session: 30 minutes.  Insurance pay outs, etc.


Out of Executive Session:  Action from Executive Session.


Other Business:


Adjournment:  11:30 am.  Next meeting: Annual Meeting June 5th