APRIL 17, 2004 

Present:  Nancy Stull, Marianne Shotwell, Ken Russell, Mark Simard,
   Larry Kosterewa, Deanne Wright
Absent:   Peter Vanderzalm

Meeting convened at 9:05 am, Nancy Stull Presiding.

March minutes were reviewed and approved with corrections by the Board.  Motioned by Nancy, 2nd. by Marianne.  Abstaining from the vote were Larry Kosterewa and Mark Simard as they were absent from the March board meeting. 

Visitors to the meeting were condominium owners Geraldine Taylor and Larry Mortensen

Old Business

1. Larry Mortensen (Unit 242) brought up the security fence installation.  A deposit was paid on April 16, 2004.  Ken met with Northwest Fence and the fence will be 6 feet high and of black, ionized, non- rust aluminum, with a 42” gate at each end.  Construction should start by the middle of May.  The key lock will be the same as the pool key.

2. Geraldine Taylor (Unit 243) mentioned that the water sprinkler shed was put on the patio of her unit.  She asked that the paint tins be removed.  The board agreed to relocate the paint cans to the condominiums main storage room, after the meeting.

3. Marianne reported that the roof leak problem in her unit (Phase l) was because the  #15 felt tarpaper on the wall was installed upside down.  She presented a bid to redo the roof on Phase 1:  $22,000, M.C. Smith Construction Inc.
                     $38,000 Hy-Tech

4. Mark stated that our reserve fund would be paid back as of June 2004 ($54,000).  It presently stands at $50,700.   

5. The roof problems caused by winter water damage in Phase 1 (units 226,227) and Phase 3 (units 241,248) have been completed.  Phase 2 repairs (Units 213 & 218) are also completed.
Unit #239 remains incomplete.

6. Marianne presented bids for moss removal, pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

A:  All Seasons Windows & Gutters, Inc.          B:  C.C. Rider
C:  Dave’s Dependable Home Repair

7. Ken presented a bid on handyman estimate from Tim Odushkin, which was reviewed by the board.  Ken will ask for a bid on deck repairs and cleaning conc. Stair, Phase 1.

8. Ken and Mark to meet with Brian in regards to power washing bid.

9. Marianne will meet with handyman Tim Odushkin, 1444 Rainier Ct.,
                                                                                    Ferndale, Wa.  98248
                                                                                    Mobile: (360) 820-8313
                                    Res. (360) 312-8313

10. Mark contacted “Smith Fire” and they said they did not have the blue prints for the sprinkler system.

New Business

1. Ken will ask Tim Odushkin to research sprinkler plans from city hall. (To reduce our insurance premiums).

2. Letter was hand delivered to Carolyn Jackson (232) regarding the Pit Bull dog her daughter brings when she visits the condo.

3. Reminder to owners that no structure is to be attached to the outside of the building with out the boards approval.

4. Deanne motioned to accept M.C. Smith Construction Inc. bid to repair the decks.
2nd by Marianne
Vote: Unanimous

Motion to adjourn by Marianne,
2nd by Larry
Meeting adjourned at 12:25 pm

Larry Kosterewa, Secretary