Minutes April 14, 2012



President:                  Cathy Tepel

Vice President:          Jim Morehouse

Secretary/Treasurer:   Carol Hassebrock

Board Members:      Wayne Holverstott, Deanne Wright

                                  Chris Urquhart, Katy Montfort


No guests present.


Call to Order:  9am.


Minutes were approved as presented.  Chris 1st, Katy 2nd, passed.


Financial report was approved as presented.  Wayne 1st,  Chris 2nd, passed.


Committee Reports:

1.  Maintenance Update:  Wayne reported on the bids for pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter and downspout cleaning.   Carol 1st, Jim 2nd to proceed with work.


2.  Grounds:  Deanne reported.  Mulch will be applied May 23rd.


3.  Sales:  Last unit sold for $208,000 in Building III.  Five more units for sale.


Old Business

Job description for maintenance position tabled till later date.  Packets for the annual meeting have been mailed to all owners.  Preparations for the Association’s Annual Meeting was discussed.  Deanne will be the registrar and will bring name tags, cups and napkins.  Jim will get pop.  Carol will provide coffee, creamer and sugar.  Cathy will provide goodies.  Set up for meeting will be Saturday morning.




New Business:

Discussed window cleaning of club house and pool room.  Bid for $200 was accepted.  Chris, 1st  Katy 2nd  MC


Cathy reported on meeting Carol and her had with a management company.  Further information will be available at the next meeting.


Pool fan cover will be purchased for $250.  Jim 1st, Deanne 2nd.  MC


Cathy to get bids for Building II painting and caulking.



Adjournment:  11 am.







Carol Hassebrock, Secretary