Mariners Cove Board Meeting Minutes


April 18, 2015



Present: Jim Morehouse, Vice-president; Carol Hassebrock, Treasurer; Wayne Holvertott, Deanne Wright, Chris Urquhart


Absent: Kim Burgess, Cathy Tepel



Call to Order:  9 am.


Vice-president Jim Morehouse called the meeting to order. Jim asked for a motion to appoint Carol Hassebrock to chair the meeting. Motion made by Deanne Wright, seconded Wayne Holverstott. MC


Minutes of the March Board meeting were approved with a motion by Wayne and Second by Jim.


Financial Report was presented. Approved by motion made by Chris and Second by Jim.


Committee Reports:


Wayne Holverstott, Facilities Report:


  1. The new LED lights will be installed on April 20th.
  2. Roof on shed needs cleaned and moss removed. Wayne will contact Duane for project.
  3. Retaining wall continues to need repairs due to water drainage from the trailer park above the hill. Carol will inform the park management of the need for the water problem to be corrected.
  4. Building I downspout by Nancy's was fixed and cleaned. There is mildew under Nancy's condo.
  5. Garbage area needs maintenance.
  6. Cement clean-up around pool building.



Deanne Wright, Gardens and Grounds Report:


  1. Getting estimates for plantings to replace where the trees were that were cut down in parking area.
  2. Gardeners will be reminded to blow driveways and sidewalks.


Old Business:


By-laws tabled.

New Business:


Annual meeting preparations. Wayne will bring pop and cookies, plates, napkins, cups; Deanne will be the registrar and bring name tags, owners' list. Pool and hot tub maintenance and repairs information to be on the annual meeting agenda.


Board positions open: Cathy Tepel, Wayne Holverstott, and Jim Morehouse terms expire June 6, 2015. Board will ask those three to let their names stand for re-election. Additional nominations will be taken from the floor.


Meeting Packets: Carol will prepare and mail the information packets for the annual meeting. A first notice of the annual meeting was already mailed to all owners.


July 4th Security. Chris moved and Wayne seconded to authorize Cathy to hire security for July 4th. MC


Request by an owner to allow guest to park and stay in the guest's RV while visiting at Mariners Cove. Chris moved and Jim seconded to not allow guests park and sleep in RVs on Mariner's Cove property. MC


Adjournment:  10:50 am








Deanne Wright, Acting Secretary