Mariners Cove Association Board Meeting April 18, 2020




Call to Order:  9 am via Skype. Carol, Chris, Stacey, Tim, Eric, Cathy




March Minutes: Motion to approve by Tim, second by Eric. Approved.


Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Motion to approve by Cathy, second by Stacey. Approved.


Old Business:

            Facilities and Grounds Report:  Tim Lynch

                        Discussion and Action, none.

            Repairs from January sprinkler incident are completed.


New Business

            Report on FHA qualification/approval, Cathy Tepel

Motion by Eric, second by Tim to authorize Cathy to proceed with process to approve FHA as lender at Mariners Cove. Approved.

            Check signers for Bank of the Pacific:

Motion by Eric, second by Cathy to approve Tim Lynch as new check signer so that Carol, Chris, Cathy and Tim are bank signers. Approved.

            Appoint a replacement for Stacy: Felecia Sutton, maybe

                                    Someone to ask Felecia or ?? Tabled.

Annual meeting, Motion by Chris, second by Eric to set annual meeting  tentative for no earlier than September 12. Carol to send notice to owners letting them know that we are postponing until September but tentative depending on conditions. Approved.


Motion by Cathy, second by Chris to keep board the same until annual meeting in September. Approved.


Other business: none.


Next meeting: May 16 at 9:00AM via Skype.


Motion to adjourn by Tim, second by Chris. Approved. Adjournment:  10:06am