Marinerís Cove Condo Association

May 28, 2011



President:   Cathy Tepel

Vice President:   Jim Morehouse

Secretary/Treasurer:   Carol Hassebrock

Board Members:   Wayne Holverstott, (absent)

Chris Urquhart,

Deanne Wright,

Katy Montfort  


Guest:                         Susie Thomson-Sines, CPA



Call to Order: 9:00 am


Minutes from April meeting were read and approved.


Financial Statements and Reports were discussed and approved.


The preliminary 2010 audit report was presented to the Board by auditor Susie Thomson-Sines.  Clarification of the report was given to the Board members.  The audit showed all financial aspects and organizational matters of the association meet acceptable standards.  Susie will be at the Marinerís Cove Condominium Associationís Annual Meeting on June 4 to present the report to the owners present. 


Old Business:


Maintenance:  All major work has been completed according to schedule.  Wayne is still working on repairing and improving the driveway lights.  Signs stating the complex is monitored by video cameras have been purchased and will be installed soon.


Lawn Maintenance:  Deanne is working with Corin Lawn Care to be sure our lawn and grounds care continue to meet the expectations of the Board according to their contract with us.


Sidewalk removal was discussed.  Cathy reported that the removal of the sidewalk was verbally approved by Whatcom County and we were told we did not need a permit. After initiating the work, the project was interrupted by Shore Line Management and then by Washington State Archeological Agency.  We expect to be able to complete the project and sod the area before the June meeting.






New Business:


Annual meeting plans were discussed.  The annual packets to prepare members for the meeting have been mailed.  We will be meeting at 8:30am on June 4 to set up for the meeting.  Deanne will act as registrar.  


Meeting adjourned:  11:30 am


Reorganization meeting immediately after the Annual Association meeting on June 4, 2011.





Carol Hassebrock  Secretary