Mariners Cove Association Board Regular Meeting

Minutes, May 26, 2018


Call to order: 9am. Carol, Chris, Wayne, Tom, Eric

Greet Guests. Don Graham 224. Tim Lynch, maintenance

††††††††††††††† Add agenda items from guests.


Minutes of March meeting as E-mailed. No meeting in April. Chris move to accept March minutes, Wayne second. Approved.

Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock reviewed. Motion to approve by Wayne, second by Chris. Approved. ††††††††††††

Grounds Report:† Deanne Wright. Building 2 sprinkler system is off by 12 hours. Comes on at 5PM instead of 5AM. Landscape company has been contacted and will adjust.

Bid to bark the front is $3,ooo. To bark the rear of the property would increase the bid to $8,000. †Board decided to hold off on barking decision until owners have a chance to decide on sod removal in front of building 2.

Deanne may not be on board next year. Someone will need to take on responsibility of the grounds.

Facilities Report:† Wayne Holverstott and Tim Lynch

Bid for siding replacement on building 2 where siding is bubbling is $5,293.42. Wayne motion to accept and proceed with bid from Integrity Construction and take funds from building fund, Chris second. Approved.

Building 1 Some exterior step brackets are rusting out. Tim will pressure wash and evaluate which ones need to be repaired this week. Bid from Integrity Construction $73 per stair to repair. Motion by Chris to approve Integrity Construction to complete work at Timís direction, Tom second. Approved. †

Bid from Mike Kramer to pressure wash building exteriors to remove mildew and moss. Needs to be done but not critical at this point. Need to get new bid from Mike Kramer as bid is no longer valid.† Tim to pursue.


Old Business:

1.       Building 3 water damage insurance information

2.       Window replacement and repair bids from Vandergriend Lumber. Unit 230 replacement of 3 windows and glass slider bid is $4,600. Threshold of unit 216 $284. Unit 255 both windows in two sliders $2,614.30. Unit 247 both windows and in two sliders $2,614.30. Adjust and or replace building 1 and 2 slider rollers in sliders as needed $235 per door. Wayne doesnít want to get other bids due to history, pricing and quality of work from Vandergriend. Motion by Chris that we accept Vandergriendís bid for windows and sliders of above units in the amount of $11,000 plus estimated $7,000plus tax to fix slider rollers on estimated 60% of building 1 and 2 for a total of $18,000 to be taken from building fund. Eric second. Approved.† ††

3.       Touch up painting and repair throughout the property, Duane Vis bid. Motion by Wayne to approve Duane Vis to perform work not to exceed $3,000 of maintenance painting from building fund. Second by Tom. Approved.

4.       Bid Mark St. Germaine† Building 11:† #213,214 weeping under paint on landing outside wall and on second floor side wall facing south† Step brackets building 1. Both addressed earlier in the meeting.

5.       Dryer vent bid. Rather than having owners pay separately we have funds in the budget to pay for this. Chris motion to approve NW Energy to clean the dryer vents for the quoted price of $1,135 with funds to come from general fund maintenance. Tom second. Approved.

6.       Pressure clean moss/algae from siding where necessary.† Mike Kramer. Addressed earlier in the meeting. †



0ther:† Sidewalks leveled where dangerous;† Cut tree roots to stop further sidewalk damage. Sidewalk work ongoing, on Timís list.



†Plan for annual meeting, June 2, 2018


† Will be discussing sod removal and changing landscaping on water side of building II.† Kramer $1,953 including tax and 2 in bark. Additional cost for new plantings estimated to be $1,000. What does board want to recommend or do we leave it up to the owners?† Motion by Tom that the board recommend to owners at the annual meeting to change front landscaping of building 2 to match that of 1 and 3, second by Wayne. 4 yeas, 1 no. Approved.


Board Positions. Wayne is resigning with one year left on his term. Tim will stand to complete Wayneís term. Chris and Cathy have agreed to stand for re-election. Carol will let her name stand for re-election.


Executive Session entered at 11:08.

Executive Session exited at 11:22. Board was updated on legal matters.




New Business:


Tim will investigate and get bid to clean out French drains on retaining wall at the rear of the property.




Motion to adjourn by Eric, second by Tom. Adjourned.


Adjournment:††† 11:30am†††††††††††††††††††††† Next meeting June 2 Annual Association Meeting.† Board meets

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† ††††††††immediately after annual meeting as per CCRs.