Marinerís Cove Condo Association

Minutes of June 8, 2013 Annual Meeting


Board Members:† Carol Hassebrock, President; Jim Morehouse, Vice-President;

Wayne Holverstott, Treasurer; Kim Burgess, Secretary; Cathy Tepel, Chris Urquhart, Deanne Wright, Board Members.


Registration of members present and proxy forms presented or mailed was held at 9:15 until 9:30 am.


Call to Order:

President Carol Hassebrock welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.† Board members were introduced.† Certification of the meeting was declared by Deanne Wright with 31 owners represented in person or by proxy.† Twenty-six members represented is a quorum as per the Associationís CCRs.† The proposed agenda was presented for additions.† No additions presented.† The agenda was approved with a motion by Tim Douglas and a second by Bill Henshaw.† MC.


Old Business:

Audit Fiscal Year Ending 2012:† Auditor Susan Thomson-Sines, from Thomson & Company, PLLC Certified Public Accountants and Consultants presented members with copies of the 2012 audit.† The auditor explained the process and scope of the audit.† She gave an audit report that declared the 2012 financial reports were in good order and met with accepted Washington State audit standards.† She also advised as there was an error within the audit requiring correction, the document was presented as a draft only.† A motion was made by John Neiboer and seconded by Nancy Stull to accept the draft of the 2012 audit report as presented.


Current financial Statement:† President Carol Hassebrock reported on the fund balances and current financial statements for the time period January 2013 to May 31, 2013.† Motion made by Arlyn Plagerman and seconded by Nancy Stull to accept the financial statement as presented.† MC.


Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting:† Carol Hassebrock presented the 2012 AGM Minutes noting that the name of the person seconding a motion was missing.† Cathy Tepel advised the missing name is Mrs. (Loye) Carrington.† Motion made by Bill Henshaw and seconded by Gary Haveman to accept the amended minutes presented in the meeting packets.† MC.


Review of 2012 Year Business through May 2013:† Information packets detailing the past yearís business had been mailed to all owners prior to the annual meeting.† The information was reviewed and clarification was given as requested by the membership.†


a)      Update on rental restriction:† Nothing legal in place yet.† Disclosure is made to all buyers as an attachment to the resale certificate.† Limit of rental units is 15 as voted on at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

b)      Update on honorarium:††††††††††††††† † Currently allowed for in CCRs.† None taken by current board members.

c)       Update on glass deck fronts Ė Building 1 and 2:† Review of last yearís decision Ė rails not to be replaced unless necessary.

New Business

Board Explanation of Assessment Needs for 2013-2014:† Written explanation of major capital improvements recommended for 2013 presented by President Carol Hassebrock.† Recommendation made by the Board to assess each owner a total of $2,642.00 to complete all projects which will include replacing siding, balcony glass fronts and painting and caulking for building one; painting and caulking for building two; and resurfacing the parking lot.† Additional projects of pressure washing walls and parking lot (not needed if parking lot is resurfaced), replacing windows, cleaning roof and installing French drain in front of building one will be paid from our existing capital funds which is funded by the $50.00 a month assessment each owner already pays.† Motion made by Bill Henshaw and seconded by Tim Douglas to increase the assessment to $3,000.00 to have contingency fund and that those with hardships should approach the board to make special arrangements for payment.† Motion amended by Bill Henshaw and seconded by Tim Douglas to include completing all items on list provided.† MC with advisory vote of 17 yes and 14 no.

Election of Board Members:† Board members terms expiring were Cathy Tepel (temporarily on leave of absence), Wayne Holverstott and Jim Morehouse.† Cathy, Wayne and Jim agreed to let their names stand for re-election.† Nominations were requested from the floor.† No nominations made.† Carol Hassebrock moved to accept nomination for Cathy, Wayne and Jim.† Motion made by Katy Montfort and seconded by Nancy Stull that the nominees for board members be affirmed by acclimation.† MC.


Other Business

Parking:† Owners were reminded that all visitors are required to park against the back wall.


July 4th:† †Security has been scheduled for July 4th from 2pm to 8pm.


Thefts:† † There have been several thefts from the parking lot area.† Owners were reminded to lock their vehicles and ensure nothing is left in plain sight.


Appreciation:† Bill Henshaw expressed his thanks to the board.



Motion made by Tim Douglas and seconded by Allen Likkel to adjourn.† President Carol Hassebrock thanked everyone for coming.† Members were reminded that the new Board would meet immediately after the annual meeting as per the Associationís CCCRs.† Members were invited to attend.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.


Respectfully submitted,





Kim Burgess, Secretary