Mariner’s Cove Condo Association

Minutes of June 7, 2014 Annual Meeting


Board Members:  Jim Morehouse, Vice-President; Carol Hassebrock, Treasurer; Kim Burgess, Secretary; Chris Urquhart (via Skype), Deanne Wright, Board Members.


Absent:  Cathy Tepel, President; Wayne Holverstott


Registration of members present and proxy forms presented or mailed was held at 9:15 until 9:30 am.


Call to Order:

Vice-President Jim Morehouse welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.  Motion made by Tim Douglas to appoint Carol Hassebrock to Chair the meeting; second by Bill Henshaw.  Motion carried.  Board members were introduced.  Certification of the meeting was declared by Deanne Wright with 33 owners represented in person or by proxy.  Twenty-six members represented is a quorum as per the Association’s CCRs.  The proposed agenda was presented for additions.  The following additions were made:

-          Volunteers – added by the Board

-          Reserved Parking – added by Joanne Douglas

-          Hot tub – added by Nancy Stull


Motion by Tim Douglas to accept the agenda with the additions; second by Bill Henshaw.  Motion carried.


Old Business:

Audit Fiscal Year Ending 2013:  Auditor Susan Thomson-Sines, from Thomson & Company, PLLC Certified Public Accountants and Consultants presented members with copies of the 2013 audit.  The auditor explained the process and scope of the audit.  She gave an audit report that declared the 2013 financial reports were in good order and met with accepted Washington State audit standards.  A motion was made by Bill Henshaw to accept the audit report of the 2013 audit report as presented; second by John Neiboer.  Motion carried.


Current financial Statement:  Treasurer Carol Hassebrock reported on the fund balances and current financial statements for the time period January 2014 to May 31, 2014.  Motion made by John Neiboer to accept the financial statement as presented; second by Nancy Stull.  Motion carried.


Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting:  Carol Hassebrock presented the 2013 AGM Minutes.  Motion made by Nancy Stull to accept the minutes as presented in the meeting packets; second by Nancy Stull.  Motion carried.



Review of Information Packet:  Information packets detailing the past year’s business had been mailed to all owners prior to the annual meeting.  The information was reviewed and clarification was given as requested by the membership.  Reminder to all owners that they are required to have their own insurance.


a)      Explanation of deck issues surrounding Building 1;

b)      Discussion regarding completing re-surfacing driveway; can only afford to complete ˝ this year;

c)       Questions regarding ventilation in the current decking;


Motion made by Denis Burgess to resurface ˝ the parking lot to avoid losing our deposit; second by Bill Henshaw.


-          Question as to which ˝ to be completed;


Motion amended Harold Terpstra to complete front ˝ (south end); no second. 


Further discussion:


-          No designation?

-          What would be the cost to complete the whole driveway? Carol advised it would cost each owner an additional $250.00.

-          If we were to wait to complete driveway until next year, the cost will most likely increase.

-          Does the cost include removal of trees? Carol advised that tree removal will come out of the general fund.

-          Tim Douglas reported additional deck rot in Building 2; to be assessed by Dan D.


Motion made by John Neiboer to assess every owner $300.00 to finish the resurfacing of the parking lot; second by Diane Olsen.  Motion amended by Bill Henshaw to increase the assessment to $500.00; second by John Neiboer.  Motion clarified that the extra money should go into our reserve. 


Amended motion:  Complete parking lot in its entirety and all additional money to going to the reserve fund.  Vote to accept amended motion; 22 yes votes, 11 no votes, motion carried.


Due date of assessment to be decided by the Board and all owners to be notified by mail.


Nominations for four open positions:  Kim Burgess, Carol hassebrock, Chris Urquhart and Deanne Wright two-year terms completed.  All have agreed to let their names stand.  No further nominations.  Nominations closed.  Nomination by acclimation.


Other Business


Volunteers requested to paint the shed.  Gordon and Kim Potts volunteered.  Later advised, building does not require painting, just cleaning.  They will pressure wash the building as time permits.


Nancy Stull gave advised that the hot tub is leaking again and will be closed until we can obtain an estimate on repairs.  To be further discussed at next board meeting.


Further discussion on resurfacing the pool, Carol clarified that some of the tiles are missing and need to be replaced.


Joanne Douglas requested clarification on the reserved parking spaces at the south end of the parking lot.  She was advised that these spaces are reserved for recreational vehicle/boats as they are longer spaces to accommodate the size of the units.  Suggestion made that if the space is not assigned that the reserved sign be removed or covered to allow any owner to park in these spaces.


Other Business


July 4th:   Security has been scheduled for July 4th from 2pm to 8pm.


Appreciation:  Bill Henshaw expressed his thanks Cathy and the board for initiating the fridge and washer replacement.



Motion made by Gary Haveman and seconded by Corinne Dickey to adjourn.  Treasurer Carol Hassebrock thanked everyone for coming.  Members were reminded that the new Board would meet immediately after the annual meeting as per the Association’s CCCRs.  Members were invited to attend.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.


Respectfully submitted,





Kim Burgess, Secretary