Marinerís Cove Condo Association

Minutes of June 6, 2015 Annual Meeting


Board Members:† Cathy Tepel, President; Jim Morehouse, Vice-President; Carol Hassebrock, Treasurer; Kim Burgess, Secretary; Wayne Holverstott, Chris Urquhart, Deanne Wright, Board Members.


Absent:† Carol Hassebrock and Wayne Holverstott


Registration of members present and proxy forms presented or mailed was held at 9:15 until 9:30 am.


Call to Order:

President Cathy Tepel welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.† Board members and new owners introduced.† Certification of the meeting was declared by Deanne Wright with 40 owners represented in person or by proxy.† Twenty-six members represented is a quorum as per the Associationís CCRs.†


The proposed agenda was presented for additions.† The following additions were made:

-          Trimming of bushes in front of Building 2; advised they are already scheduled to be trimmed in the next week or two.

-          Pans under hot water tanks

-          House keeping


Motion made by Tim Douglas to accept the agenda with the additions; second by Mrs. Carrington.† Motion carried.


Old Business:


2014 Minutes of AGM Meeting:† Minutes presented for additions and corrections.† Correction requested from floor to correct motion made by Nancy Stull.† Motion to accept the minutes with this correction made by Tim Douglas; second by Nancy Stull, Motion carried.


Audit Fiscal Year Ending 2014: Cathy Tepel advised that the Board has chosen to employ a new accountant, Joseph Vandal CPA PS.† As the financial documents were not received prior to the AGM, a copy will be mailed to all owners.

Current Financial Statement:† President Cathy Tepel reported on the fund balances and current financial statement for the time period ending May 31, 2015.† Discrepancy identified from the floor in the amount of $50.00.† Discrepancy declared to be only a typo.† Motion made by John Neiboer to accept the financial statement as presented; second by Nancy Stull.† Motion carried.


Pans Under Hot Water Tanks:† Mrs. Carrington reminded owners to replace any plastic pans currently under hot water tanks with metal pans as the plastic pans can crack and leak.† Suggestion from the floor to have all units checked.† To be further discussed during regular Board Meeting immediately following AGM.

House Keeping:

-          Information sheet provided with Ownerís Package regarding cleaning of the clubhouse after an event and use of recycling bins.

-          Peg board attached to wall in the kitchen available for use by owners/renters.

-          Building 2 has an additional trash bin for the summer.

-          Reminder to walk dogs off property.

Suggestion made from the floor to post checklist in kitchen to assist with cleanup.

Swimming Pool:† Cathy Tepel advised that due to a blown PSE Transformer, the power in the pool area has been damaged.† The pool is currently closed and will be for up to 3 weeks while waiting for new wires to arrive and have the motors checked.† PSE advised that the cost for the repairs is the responsibility of the Mariners Cove Condon Association.†

The Health Department requires that all the tiles in the pool have to be removed.† United Aqua has been contacted to give recommendations on repair options.† Recommendation made from the floor to also consult with Pyramid Pools as they have completed work for another local hotel.

Questions from the floor:

-          Options for pool surface

-          Hot tub repairs / replacement? Too costly to update.

-          Suggestion to look into re-piping through current pipes.

-          Suggestion to look into polyester re-surfacing.

-          Suggestion to have comprehensive look at repairing the pool and hot tub as a whole project.

-          Question from the floor: How many bids does the Board obtain prior to employing a company? The Board standard is a minimum of 3 bids.

To be further discussed during regular Board Meeting immediately following AGM.

Other Business


Suggestion from the floor to have the lawn maintenance changed from Friday to another day mid-week.†


This date was originally chosen so that the garden maintenance would be done while Deanne (gardening committee) was available to be on property.† Suggestion put to a vote.† The majority of owners voted to keep the gardening on Friday.† No other owner volunteered to take over the committee.


Request from the floor to have the gate at the south end of Mariners Cover property to be locked; the gate at the north end is already locked.† Cathy Tepel will have a lock placed on the south gate.


Elections:† Call for nominations from the floor.† Motion made by Kate Slaminko to re-elect board members by acclimation; second by Nancy Stull.† Motion carried.


July 4th:†† Security has been scheduled for July 4th from 2pm to 10pm.† An information letter will be delivered to each resident outlining parking and security.† Suggestion from the floor to use parking cards to restrict entry and allow re-entry as parking spaces allow.† Kim Burgess will draft a letter and parking cards for approval of the Board and distribution.


Building Vents:† Suggestion from the floor to have all the vents cleaned and repaired on the outside of all units.† Cathy Tepel will have Dan Dee follow up.



Motion made by Nancy Stull to adjourn; second by Tim Douglas.† Motion carried.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 am.


Respectfully submitted,





Kim Burgess, Secretary