June 4, 2016

President:                           Carol Hassebrock

Vice President:                 Cathy Tepel

Secretary:                           Kim Burgess

Treasurer:                           To be determined

Board Members:              Wayne Holverstott

                                                Chris Urquhart

                                                Deanne Wright

                                                Eric Hedge

Absent:                                                Carol Hassebrock

CALL TO ORDER:               11:15 am

                                                Call to order by Cathy Tepel.

GUESTS:                               None.


MINUTES:                           Motion made by Chris to accept the minutes of the meeting held January 21, 2016.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.


Presidents Report:          None.

Maintenance:                   Working on downspouts for building 3.

                                                Basketball hoop needs to be replaced.  The portable basketball hoop will be permitted to stay in court until the permanent hoops have been replaced.

                                                Wayne has made attempts to contact the paving company to clean up the mess left behind without success.

Grounds:                             The beds are scheduled to be cleaned and freshened by topping with one inch of bark mulch.

                                                Area next to garbage cans are going to be cleaned and new rock added.

                                                Discussion regarding spraying the trees for moths.

                                                Motion made by Wayne to cancel the spraying of the trees since it’s so late in the season and look into spraying the trees next spring before they hatch.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.

                                                Deanne will cancel the spraying.

SALES:                                   4 Units are up for sale

NEW BUSINESS:               Security for 4th of July is scheduled from 2:00 pm to 10 pm. 

                                                Building 1 – scupper holes are being filled with seashells and the membrane is worn.  Cathy will obtain a bid for repairs.

                                                Dryer vents – as discussed in the AGM, Cathy will obtain bids for cleaning.

                                                Lawn watering – water to be shut off behind building 3 when water restrictions are in place.  Owners will be notified by letter. 

                                                Spa skimmer and filter need repairs at a cost of $850.00.

Motion to adjourn made by Kim.  2nd by Eric.  Approved.

ADJOURNMENT:              12:10

NEXT MEETING:                September 17, 2016