Mariner’s Cove Condo Association


Minutes of Jun 4, 2016 Annual Meeting


Board Members:  Cathy Tepel, President, Jim Morehouse, Vice-President, Carol Hassebrock, Treasurer, Kim Burgess, Secretary, Wayne Holverstott, Chris Urquhart and Deanne Wright, Board Members.


Absent:  Jim Morehouse and Carol Hassebrock

Registration of members present and proxy forms presented or mailed was held at 9:15 until 9:30 am.

Cathy Tepel announced the due to medical issued, Jim Morehouse will be stepping down as Vice President.

Call to Order:

President Cathy Tepel welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.  Board members and new owners introduced.  Certification of the meeting was declared by Deanne Wright with 41 owners represented in person or by proxy.  Twenty-six members represented is a quorum as per the Association’s CCRs.

The proposed agenda was presented for additions.  The following addition was made:

-          General housekeeping

Motion made by Tim Douglas to accept the agenda with the addition; second by John Neiboer. 

Motion carried.

Old Business:

2015 Minutes of AGM Meeting:  Minutes presented for additions and corrections.  No corrections noted.  Motion made by Kate Slaminko to accept the minutes as presented; second by Denis Burgess.

Motion carried.

Audit Fiscal Year Ending 2015:  Audit Report for 2015 not available.  Audit Report for 2014 distributed.  Motion made by Jim Henshaw to accept the 2014 Audit Report; second by Clarence (last name?).

Motion carried.

Current Financial Statement:  President Cathy Tepel reported on the fund balances and current fianancial statement for the time period ending May 31, 2016.  Question from the floor regarding additional dues increase.  None expected.  Motion made by John Neiboer to approve the financial statement as presented; second by Eric Hedge.

Motion carried.

Call for questions regarding information packages.  None.

Question asked about the hot tub and repairs.  Nancy Stull advised that we need a new hot tub.  The proposed cost of a new hot tub is $30,000.00.


New Business:

House Keeping:  Cathy Tepel extended a thank you to Nancy Stull for assisting in the pool repairs by sweeping the pool as required.  Thank you also extended to Mark Musselwhite for cleaning the tennis court.

Owners reminded that they are responsible for their renters.

Pets are required to be taken off property for potty breaks.

Trash bin rules reinforced. 

Pool incident – child deficated in the pool causing the pool to be shut down for several days.  Request that any future incident be brought to the attention of a Board Member to have the incident dealt with immediately. 

Owners reminded that prior to any repairs or modifications to individual units, the Board must be notified.

Owners reminded to check water heaters for expiry dates as many are quite old and in need of replacement with metal drip plans installed.

Owners requested to change all washing machine hoses to bring the up to code and prevent any leaks.  The Board will be arranging an inspection at the owner’s expense.

Elections:  Five positions currently available on the Board.

Cathy Tepel has agreed to stay on the board, but will be stepping down to Vice President.

Carol Hasslbrock will be staying on the Board and taking the President position.

Current Board members standing.  Approved by unanimous vote of owners present.

Nominations requested for one open position:

Denis Burgess nominated Eric Hedge.  Eric accepted the nomination.

Wayne Hoverstott nominated Tim Lynch.  Tim declined the nomination.

(Who nominated Tom?) nominated Tom Street.  Tom accepted the nomination.

Ballots presented to all owners present.  Votes counted by Denis Burgess and confirmed by Tim Lynch.  Eric Hedge successful nominee.

Motion to destroy ballots by Denis Burgess; second by Tim Lynch.

Motion carried.

Comments/Recommendations from the floor:

Tim Douglas suggested a committee be formed regarding the Berm Project.  Bill Henshaw agreed to assist in obtaining information and report back to the Board.  Information to be distributed by the Board to all owners.

Tim Lynch suggested that all dryer vents be cleaned.

Clarence (last name?) advised that he is in the business of vent cleaning and will consult with and make suggestions to the Board.

Cathy advised that she has obtained a quote to clean all vents of $82.00 per unit.

Motion made by Tim Douglas for the association to facilitate the cleaning of all dryer vents with the owner’s being billed; second by Don Graham.

Motion approved.

Other Business:

Question from the floor regarding the installation of electric car charging stations.  Advised this is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


Motion made by Eric Hedge to adjourn; second by Denis Burgess.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,





Kimberli Burgess, Secretary