Mariner’s Cove Condo Association


Minutes of Jun 3, 2017 Annual Meeting


Board Members:  Carol Hassebrock, President, Tom Street, Vice-President, Chris Urquhart, Treasurer, Kim Burgess, Secretary, Wayne Holverstott, Eric Hedges and Deanne Wright, Board Members.


Absent:  Eric Hedges

Registration of members present and proxy forms presented or mailed was held at 9:15 until 9:30 am..

Call to Order:

President Carol Hassebrock welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.  Board members and new owners introduced.  Certification of the meeting was declared by Deanne Wright with 37 owners represented in person or by proxy.  Twenty-six members represented is a quorum as per the Association’s CCRs.

Carol Hassebrock thanked the following owners:

Tim Lynch – assisted Wayne with problem solving with respect to the water leak at the back of the property and on-going gutter/scupper issues. 

Denis Burgess – removal of the parking lot curbing and transporting garbage to the dump.

Tim Douglas – providing an update on the Birch Bay berm project.

Nancy Stull – ongoing upkeep of the pool, hot tub and clubhouse.

Wayne Holverstott – coordinating window replacement, backflow and fire suppression and coordinating contractors on the property.

Ralph – maintaining MCCA website and video monitoring.

Gary Haveman – assisting Carol with president duties.

The proposed agenda was presented for additions.  The following addition was made:

-          Old Business:  water drainage on the hill – Tim Lynch to report

-          New Business:  security issues – Tim Lynch to report

Motion made by Tim Douglas to accept the agenda with the additions; second by Don Graham. 

Motion carried.

Old Business:

2016 Minutes of AGM Meeting:  Minutes presented for additions and corrections.  No corrections noted.  Motion made by Ron Slaminko to accept the minutes as presented; second by Tim Lynch.

Motion carried.

Current Financial Statement:  President Carol Hassebrock reported on the fund balances and current fianancial statement. Question from the floor regarding cost of earthquake insurance.  Carol will provide cost to interested owners.  Motion made by Tim Douglas to approve the financial statement as presented; second by Ralph Tepel.

Motion carried.

Call for questions regarding information packages.  None.

Question from the floor regarding dryer vent cleaning as discussed at the 2016 AGM.  The Board will follow up and advise.

Update on Berm Project: 

Tim Douglas gave an update on the Birch Bay Pedestrian Berm Project.  Recommended that owners subscribe to the website for up-to-date information.  The website will be proved to Carol who will distribute it to all owners. 

Milestones of project:

Archeological assessment – currently negotiating with the Lummi’s regarding the managing of findings

Right of Way – under negotiation.  ROW has to be resolved prior to bids.

Bids will be made in 3 sections – north, south and central sections of the waterfront.

Timing – agreements made that no major work will occur between Memorial Day and Labour Day

Permitting windows – a period where nothing can be done to preserve sea life

 No staging will be required as originally thought.  Everything can be trucked in as required.

Current plan is to begin this project at the south end and work north due to the sand drift.

New Business:

Security issues discussed.  Owners advised of current recent thefts on the property and requested to take notice of who is on the property.  Owners also reminded not to leave items in plain sight in their cars.

Trash and recycling bin rules reinforced. 

Elections:  Three positions currently available on the Board.

Current Board members will to stand for re-election.

Call for nominations from the floor.  None received.

Motion made by Lynda Wimbush to close nominations; second by Tim Douglas.

Motion carried.

Current board members voted in by acclimation.


Motion made by Tim Lynch to adjourn; second by Tim Douglas.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,





Kimberli Burgess, Secretary