Mariners Cove Condo Association Board Meeting

June 1, 2019

Reorganization of new Board after annual meeting.



Call to Order 11 am:   Carol Hassebrock

Present:  Carol Hassebrock, Tim Lynch, Stacy Famellos, Christina Brewer, Chris Urquhart    Guests:  Gary Haveman

Minutes:  April 20, 2019 Board Meeting.  Moved to approve as read.  Chris, Second, Tim. MC.

Organization of new Board:

Motion was made by Chris and seconded by Stacy to elect the following officers for the 2019-2020 year.  Carol Hassebrock, President; Cathy Tepel, Vice-president; Eric Hedges, Secretary; Christina Brewer, Treasurer.   MC.



Motion was made by Chris to authorize President Carol Hassebrock to represent the Board and to sign documents for the Association.  Motion seconded by Stacy.  MC.


Old Business: 

Carol present info and a discussion followed on how to dispense funds from Lien award.  Reimbursements will be made into the appropriate funds.


New Business:

Tim presented quotes from several security companies to the Board.  He will review the quotes with Eric Hedges and Ralph Tepel and make a recommendation to board members via email.  We will vote on security choice at that time.


Next meeting, August 31, 2019  at 9 am.

Adjourned:  11:45 by Chris, seconded by Stacy.  MC