Mariners Cove Association Board June 20, 2020




Call to Order:  9 am. Chris, Carol, Tim, Eric.

Guests: Ralph Tepel, Jamie Ponder, Felecia Sutton


Correspondence: None.


Minutes:  As emailed earlier. Motion to approve May minutes by Tim, second by Chris. Approved.


Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Motion by Tim to accept financial report, second by Chris. Approved.


Old Business:

1.       Facilities and Grounds Report:  Tim Lynch

                        Discussion and Action, if any.


2.      Motion to accept Stacey’s resignation. Motion by Chris, second by Tim to accept Stacey’s resignation with regret and appreciation for her contribution to the community. Approved.


3.      Insurance. The board is working on drafting a letter to owners that addresses the HOA’s insurance deductible and each individual owner’s responsibility to cover the insurance deductible on the owner’s policy should there be damage to the common property or another individual owner’s property.


4.      Felecia Sutton agreed to monitor the Doggie Park, be the groundskeeper for the planting around Mariners sign and the garden on south end of building 2.  Felecia will also represent us as a “Welcome Person” for new residents.


5.      Bio Bug


6.      Annual Meeting discussion. Planning to conduct via electronic meeting and request proxies.



New Business;


New hire approval. Motion by Eric and second by Chris to hire David Sutton on a 90 day probationary basis as maintenance handyman for the association. Approved.


            Approval to check condos for Canadian Owners. Board agreed that all units that

Have not been occupied need to be checked for problems. Carol to send courtesy letter.


Two units have excessive water usage. Carol to contact owners to let them know there may be a problem.


Fourth of July, we have hired Gary to monitor parking.


Motion by Chris and second by Tim to appoint Jamie Ponder to fulfill the balance of Stacy’s position which ends at the annual meeting. Approved.


Other Business:


Next meeting…July 18 at 9:00.


Motion to Adjournment at 10:30 am  by Eric, second by Chris. Approved.