Mariners Cove Special Board Meeting, Tuesday, June 23 at 7:00PM via electronic meeting

Present- Chris, Carol, Tim, Jamie, Eric

Guests- Ralph


4th of July security needs. Tim relayed information from Sheriff’s office. Dennis who is a retired police officer has sent an email regarding security concerns.

Motion by Chris and second by Jamie to have a 3’ tall plastic, orange barricade between buildings 1 and 3 with an opening for residents to pass through. Approved.

Motion by Carol and second by Chris to place a yellow rope along the front of the buildings that creates a buffer in front of the buildings with a sign that says something along the lines of “please respect private property”.

Motion by Carol and second by Tim to hire Gary Pavone and Mathew Finsyrud to monitor our parking lot and ingress/egress of vehicles to the parking at a cot of approximately $600. Approved.

Executive session to discuss open board position.

Executive session ended.

Motion by Chris and second by Eric to accept Cathy’s resignation with regrets and many thanks for her contribution to the community. Approved.

Motion by Tim and second by Chris to appoint Ralph Tepel to Cathy’s open board position that expires at this year’s annual meeting. Approved.

Motion by Chris and second by everyone to adjourn at 7:54. Approved.