Mariners Cove Condominium Association

Regular Board Meeting

June 4, 2022


Call to Order by President Ralph Tepel at 11:10am

Board Attendees: Felecia, Ralph, Jamie, Steve, Brooks, Eric

Greet guests: Carol, Mary Lou Plagerman, Cathe Weeks, Don Graham, Katy Monfort, John Templeton, Minda Garcia, Tracy Thayer,


Reorganization of Board.  Elect officers

President:  Motion by Felecia to nominate Ralph Tepel, second by Eric. Motion approved.

Vice President: Motion by Eric to nominate Jamie, second by Ralph. Motion approved.

Treasurer: Motion by Eric to nominate Sandi pending her approval, second by Jamie. Motion approved pending Sandi’s acceptance.

Secretary: Motion by Jamie to nominate Eric, second by Felecia. Motion approved.


Minutes of May 14, 2022 as emailed. Motion by Steve to approve minutes, second by Jamie. Approved.


Felecia volunteered to be Co-Chair for grounds committee with Jamie.


Financial Report given at annual meeting. Given and approved.


Committee Reports:

Facilities:  Brooks Friedland. Brooks noted temporary driftwood structures on the beach may be used as housing for less fortunate individuals. Sheriff’s office has indicated we can remove these if necessary. 240 and 233 sliders need to be replaced. 256 upstairs doors are not aligning and wind is blowing through.   


 Lawn/grounds:  Jamie Ponder. Felecia will be helping out as co-chair.


Old Business:

Flood/frozen pipe repairs progress report given by Ralph.

            Pool condensation problem

            Spring cleaning update

            Spring/summer maintenance items

            Spring clean-up report, Felecia



New Business:

Motion by Ralph to hire Adam Ness as maintenance employee on a part time basis for $35 per hour, second by Brooks. Approved.


            Felecia, summer social events


Signatures for checks. Motion by Brooks to authorize Carol, as board ex-oficio, to continue signing checks until insurance claims are resolved and Brooks, Sandi and Ralph to continue as check signers, to be reviewed at September board meeting, second by Eric. Motion approved.

            Authorize two people to represent the Association on legal matters and to sign legal papers.  Only one signature is necessary. Motion by Eric to appoint Ralph and Jamie as legal signers on behalf of the association, second by Felecia. Approved.


Other Business: Add upcoming financial needs conversation to next board meeting.


Next meeting Saturday, July 2 at 9:00am


Motion to adjourn at 12:29 by Eric, second by Felecia. Approved.