Mariners Cove
July 17, 2004 meeting minutes

Called to order 8:00 A.M. July 17, 2004

Those Present Marianne Shotwell, President
Nancy Stull, Treasurer
                      Ken Russell, Vice President
                      Deanne Wright
                      Carol Hassebrock
                      Anne Van Der Zalm
                      Peter Van Der Zalm, Secretary

Homeowners present: NONE


1)    Fence update: Ken Russell
The gates have been taken to North West Fence to be keyed to the pool key. They will be returned and installed upon completion. The gates will be detached from the building. The excavation for the posts seems to have cracked the irrigation pipe. All agreed that Harlen will repair cracked pipe.

2)    Phase 1 update: Marianne Shotwell
The repair to the entryway that was leaking has gone very well. The Contractor is competent and has done good work. The completion is scheduled for week of July 19, 2004. Marianne has estimated the total costs at $2,250.00. The board agreed to continue with the deck repair that has the hole in it. These repairs will be paid from the Capital Reserve Fund we have started. The first repair will be paid from the $2,000.00 that we have started to put aside for capital work and repairs, with July being the first month that this happens. The board felt that the next 5 months at $2,000.00 allows us to continue with the work. The work will be closely monitored and will only include deck repair. If damage is found beyond the deck (walls, railing walls) we will be contacted before any further work takes place.

3)    Letter from Attorney ( RE: Prepaid Dues):
Much discussion took place and no action will be taken at this time.

4)    Renaming Bank accounts: Marianne Shotwell
The Association has opened  additional accounts to come into line with the CCR. The accounts will be referred to as

     a)     General Reserve Fund
b)    Insurance Reserve Account
c)     Prepaid Dues Reserve Account
d)    Capital Reserve Fund

5)    Proposed ‘Assessment”
Much discussion took place. Carol suggested that a Committee be formed to access the repairs needed and the priorities and cost estimates of those repairs. A committee was formed to report to the Board at the next meeting. The Board will use the information to determine if there is a need for an assessment and for determining the dollar amount for an assessment if so needed.

6)    Recycling update: Marianne Shotwell
The contract for “The new garbage contractor “ to recycle was accepted by the Board at the last meeting. Marianne has postponed the change to the new Contractor until the construction work has been completed.


1)    Billing Homeowner for overflow charges caused by exiting renter.
Much discussion took place with regards to proof, amount of charge, Giving Clearance to Homeowner (Landlord). The proof in this case was visual and confirmed by three board members and they stated they would put this in writing. The amount of the charge would be the amount Mariners Cove will have been charged on the bill. The Board will in future give the Homeowner (Landlord) a letter that charges or no charges are to come. This will allow the Homeowner (Landlord) to retain these monies from any damage deposit he has.

MOTION: To vote on the above Marianne Shotwell
SECOND: Ken Russell
VOTE: Unanimous

2)    Resale certificates:
Anne Van Der Zalm stated she had copies of resale certificates prepared by Mark Simard but that she had no blank copies. She will contact Mark to determine where to get blanks.

3)    Use of Clubhouse furniture:
It was stated that on July 4th long weekend some of the tables had been used outside and away from the clubhouse. Discussion took place as to the use of this common area furniture away from the Clubhouse. Suggestion that Picnic tables be allowed by Homeowners was put forward. No agreement was reached and this matter was tabled to a future meeting.

4)    Volunteer Party to trim overhang trees:
A group of Homeowners led by Marianne and Harlen have offered to trim the trees that overhang the parking lot. It was asked by other board members to post the date this may take place at the mail box so others may participate. The board agreed that this is acceptable but the waiver must be signed.

5) Processing complaints:
The need for a policy to deal with complaints was brought forward. The board agreed on the following.

Mail complaints to the Mariners Cove Homeowners Association at #100 - 8026 Birch Bay Drive Blaine WA. 98230 or placed in the suggestion box that is in the clubhouse kitchen. This envelope will be opened at the board meetings and be dealt with by the full board. The board will determine the course of action for the complaint. This will eliminate the expectation that individual board members are to be used for this task.

Motion to adjourn by Carol Hassebrock
Second by Anne Van Der Zalm
Vote to adjourn unanimous

Meeting Adjourned by Marianne Shotwell at 11:00 A.M.