JULY 19, 2011 @ 4PM





To discuss the letter received from Doralee Booth of Birch Bay Steering Committee:




July 13, 2011


To: Sam Ryan, Director of Planning and Development

      Joe Rutan,  County Engineer


From: Doralee Booth, Co-chair Transportation/Public Safety Implementation Sub-committtee

              Kathy Berg, Chair of the Birch Bay Steering Committee


The meandering hard-surface pedestrian walkway in front of the Mariner's Cove Condominiums at 8026 Birch Bay Drive has recently been been torn up and replaced with grass.  A fence has now been installed at the north perimeter of the property to direct the  pedestrian traffic onto the enhanced shoulder in a very busy, conflicted part of Birch Bay Drive known as the Bay Center intersection.  Cars leaving Birch Bay Drive to make a right turn onto Harborview impact the roadway at this point where pedestrians are now forced out onto the enhanced shoulder to face oncoming vehicle and bicycle traffic.


The Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit #1521283 states on page 235-236 under #22 :



The  2004 Birch Bay Community Plan Transportation Goal...Policy TR-4c states:  



It would seem that this decision to remove the sidewalk is contrary to the  original County planning documents, the Birch Bay Community planning efforts and public safety along the conflicted Birch Bay Drive arterial.


"Birch Bay Discovery Days" is this coming weekend and we are concerned about pedestrian safety for hundreds of people.  A parade is scheduled as well in this location.  In the immediate, the fence blocking pedestrian access, and thus directing them onto Birch Bay Drive, should be removed.


We respectfully request enforcement of the Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit  for Mariner's Cove and  the Birch Bay Community Planning documents.  The development of the Shoreline Berm and Pedestrian walkway has not occurred and therefore the public pedestrian path in front of Mariner's Cove should remain.