Mariners Cove Association Board July 18, 2020



Call to Order:  9 am

Attendees: Carol, Chris, James, Ralph, Tim, Eric

Guests: Sharon Tucker


Correspondence:  Letter from condo owner as sent to all Board members.


Minutes:  As emailed earlier  Minutes for June 20 and Special Meeting June. Motion by Chris to approve June 2020 minutes, second by Ralph. Approved. Motion by Tim to approve minutes from June special meeting, second by Chris. Approved.


Financial Report:  $8,000 moved from reserve fund and placed into general fund due to deposit error.

            Deposit Account:  $275.00

            General Account:  $36,853.99

            Capital Reserves:  $70,398.16

            Insurance Reserves:  $40,419.53


Motion to approve financials by Tim, second by Jamie. Approved


Old Business:

1.       Facilities and Grounds Report:  Tim Lynch

                        Discussion and Action, if any.

                        July 4th report   Cost $686.88   +Tim and David’s labor to install fence

            Tim and David are working on pressure washing the building exteriors. Areas below building 1 stairs have been cleaned up and misc. items removed. Bark around building areas is being pulled away from siding. Upcoming items: shared responsibility of the fence on south side with trailer park. Galvanized cap on top of Mariners Cove sign and a little paint. Backflow tests and FA/sprinkler this week. Roofing repair on building 2.


2.      Insurance    I have information on owner deductible requirements to protect association money. We can require all owners to have insurance that covers liability of assessment in the amount of $10,000 to cover the gap of the association’s deductible coverage in the event of an incident. Owner’s insurance agent can easily send documentation of this coverage. Carol to send letter to owners that states requirements.


3.      Annual Meeting discussion…..Set date and time. 10AM on Saturday, September 12 via an electronic format.


New Business:

      Bookkeeping cost increase:

Discussion.  Questions:  Direct deposit of payroll to employees accounts? Tim, Nancy, David  Approval needed. Motion by Ralph and second by Chris to do automatic deposit of payroll to our employees. Approved.


Electronic payment to Nationwide Insurance company?  Approval needed. Motion by Tim and second by Ralph so pay our insurance payment electronically. Approved.


Motion by Ralph, second by Chris to seek bids on bookkeeping services. Approved.


Discussion on sending other checks electronically.  Pro, cost effective,  Con.  Oversite…no signatures, etc. 


Executive Session  1.  discuss owner complaint   


Tim departed meeting at 10:38 for another commitment.


Out of executive session.  Motion by Eric, second by Ralph to send letter to condo owner regarding how the board can rectify their complaint.


Other Business- Committee to look at where buildings are vulnerable for damage due to older water heaters, toilets, etc. Ralph, Eric, Carol to meet and come up with proposal to board.


Next meeting  August 15 at 9:00AM


Motion to adjournment at 11:05AM by Chris, second by Ralph. Approved.