Mariners Cove Board Meeting August 21, 2021


Call to order at 9 am by President Ralph Tepel.


Board Attendees: Sandi Mehl, Steve Wimbush, Jamie Ponder, Carol Hassebrock, Ralph Tepel

No guests.



Email from John Templeton, unit 233, concerning apparent wood rot on the unitís front balcony.Brooks Friedland will inspect the area and report back to Board on repair costs, etc.John also requested a storage unit.The Board will look into availability.Policy for Building 1 storage will be presented by Ralph to the Board for approval.

Email from Wes Sorstokke, unit 232, asking to house overnight guests in the clubhouse.Board decided it was not an appropriate use of the clubhouse and denied the request.Policy on this matter will be presented by Ralph for Board approval.


Minutes of June 19, 2021 board meeting as emailed was approved with a motion by Carol and a second by Jamie.


Financial Report:As emailed was approved with a motion by Steve and a seconded by Jamie.


Old Business:

1.    Update on new mailboxes installation.

2.    Mold and moss stains on buildings and roofs were discussed.Matter to be addressed no later than late September.

3.    Replacement of Photinia shrubs.Most of the diseased Photinia that were scheduled to be replaced have recovered their health.Two or three still need to be replaced.Gary Haveman, unit 244, will purchase new plants for the Board.

4.    Replacing of glazing:5 sliding patio door glass need replacing.4 doors need new rollers.Ralph has contracted with VanderGriend Lumber for replacement.Work to be done as soon as ordered glass arrives.

5.    Fire sprinklers:Northwest Fire Professionals repaired and cleaned the sprinklers in unit 248 that had been compromised by paint.Owners will pay the cost of this work.

6.    Fire sprinkler in unit 224 appeared to be leaking.Northwest Fire Professionals examined the sprinkler and determined the sprinkler was working fine.Nolan roofing examed the roof above unit 224 and determined a welt in the roof membrane had separated. That appears to be the source of the water leak in unit 224. Nolan roofing will repair for $500.They will also examine all of the membraned roofs to look for potential problems so they can be repaired before the heavy rain period.

7.    Dog park surface material report and picnic report tabled until the next meeting.

8.    Lawn and garden report by Jamie:Lawn sprinkler timing problems have been worked on repeatedly.Jamie is still working with the contractor to address the problem.Other frustrations with the lawn crew were expressed.Association is in year three of a three year contract with the present company.Board will bid out the job at the end of this contract at the end of February.

9.    CCRs report tabled.


New Business:

1.    Sale of units.Ralph reported 6 units have sold quickly this year.Buyers are bidding††††††† above the asking price.Highest price paid was $460,000 for a ground unit in Building 3.

2.    Insurance:Ralph reported on expected increases in insurance premiums for the 2021-2022 insurance year which starts in mid-September.Committee will be meeting with our insurance broker to preview the insurance package.Ralph will report back to the Board for approval to purchase.

3.    Because there is a new owner in unit 241 the handicapped parking that was used by the former owner is no longer needed.Handicapped parking sign will be removed.

4.    Lack of beach access over the new berm was discussed.Motion to authorize Carol Hassebrock to represent the Association in a request to Whatcom County Public Works Department for beach access over the berm for Mariners Cove owners and the public that use the beach.Motion by Steve, Second by Jamie.Approved.

5.    The Board elected secretary has asks to step away from secretarially duties for personal reasons.Board appointed Carol Hassebrock to add secretary to her treasurer position.


Motion to adjourn at 10:50 by Steve, second by Sandi - motion approved.


Next meeting, September 11, 2021.