Mariner’s Cove Association Board Meeting

Minutes,  September 10, 2011



Cathy Tepel, President  (absent)

Jim Morehouse, Vice President

Carol Hassebrock, Secretary/Treasurer

Wayne Holverstott, Board Member

Chris Urquhart, Board Member

Deanne Wright, Board Member (absent)

Katy Montfort, Board Member (absent)



Call to Order:   9:00 am.


Welcome Guests:  Five owners present.   Mark Sowers, Ralph Tepel, John Nieboer, Alan          Likkel, Gary Haveman


Old Business


Minutes of June 4, 2011 (Board Reorganization Meeting)  MSC. 


Minutes of July 18, 2011 (Special Meeting concerning pathway.) MSC. 


Financial statements and reports.   MSC. 


Committee Reports:  None


Insurance Renewal:  Motion made and seconded to authorize the president and/or her designee to solicit bids for insurance for November 2011 through October 2012.  Approved


New Business


Motion to authorize Cathy Tepel and/or Carol Hassebrock to sign legal documents for the Association under the direction of the Board.  Motion to also include continuation of check signing authorization to Cathy Tepel, Carol Hassebrock, and Jim Morehouse.  Approved


Notice of Determination of Violation from Whatcom County to Mariner’s Cove Association for the removal of the pathway.  Carol reported on the information she received when she met with Whatcom County Planning and Development on September 8th.  There was a Board discussion with owners participating from the floor.  It was concluded that while the board and owners present disagree with the notice of violation, it would be too costly to appeal the notice given an appeal would probably fail.

Motion to put the pathway back following Whatcom County directives.  Approved


Motion to hire Pacific Pole Building to prepare the ground and replace the pathway.  Approved.  Wayne Holverstott will contact the contractor and tell him what we need.


Other Business 


Next Board meeting will be October 22, 2011.


Adjournment:  11 am.








Carol Hassebrock, November 12, 2011