September 2, 2012 BOARD MEETING




President:                         Cathy Tepel

Vice President:                  Jim Morehouse

Treasurer/Secretary                    Carol Hassebrock

Maintenance:                    Wayne Holverstatt

Lawn Maintenance:           Deanne Wright

                                        Kim Burgess

                                        Chris Urquhart



Carol Hassebrock




1 letter regarding renting



June minutes approved as presented.  All in Favor


Financial Report approved as presented.  All in Favor



Committee reports:

1.     Maintenance:
The lights at the entrance continue to be a problem.  Wayne has agreed to look into options for new lights.  Wayne is to look at the balcony on 234 and call Jensen Lee if necessary to repair the vinyl.

Wayne will continue to work on the windows and present the list and recommendations to the board at the next meeting.

2.     Grounds:
Deanne proposed that we approve the bid for $1,700 to aerate the lawn.  She will discuss doing it in the spring versus now.  Wayne seconded.  All in favor.

3.     Sales:
There are 4 units for sale (one on the main floor) from $214,000 to $240,000. 


Old Business:

1.     Update on Painting BLD 2
Several areas of rot have been found and repaired.  Windows have been flashed and HardiePlank has been used where needed.  Painting will be completed in the next couple of weeks; only trim remains to be done.  There are a few places on the other two buildings that require painting. These will also be completed.

2.     Security:
There was good feedback for the security for the 4th of July.  Gary handled all situations efficiently and firmly resulting in no major parking issues.

3.     Rental Restrictions:
Cathy presented the requirements to complete rental restrictions to the board.  A discussion regarding with the result that it will be tabled for final decision at the next meeting

4.     Dues Reduction for Board Members:
A discussion of the legalities of giving board members monies for the work they do above their normal duties.  Deanne proposed that we table this discussion and bring it to the lawyer at the same time as the rental limits.  Chris seconded.  All approved.

5.     CCR Addendum:
The addendum from the June 2011 annual meeting has not been registered but must do so as soon as possible.  Cathy will try to get this done before the next meeting.




1.     Insurance:
Snapper, Schuler and Kenner will continue to be our insurance agent this year.  The flood levels match the fire coverage, and a certificate will be sent to the banks on the renewal dates:  Sept 28, 2012   

2.     The insurance company requires that all charcoal barbeques be removed from the premises.  They also require that each unit owner must shut of the water at the main valve when they are leaving their condo for any length of time.  After shutting it off pipes should be drained by turning on a tap.  If the water continues to flow, please contact Wayne as soon as possible.  If we do not comply with these requests our insurance could be cancelled.

3.     Committees:
One of the owners suggested we have a clean-up committee that gets together on a regular basis to do small repairs and cleaning up assigned by the board.  The Board feels that a committee is unnecessary since everyone should clean up as they see it.  Weeding, picking up trash, cleaning around trash cans etc. can be done without need to get approval.

4.     Gas Meters:
Katy Montfort informed the board that she has spoken with the Gas Company and they have indicated that the pipes to the meters badly need to be painted.  We are only responsible for the pipe that goes into the wall.  The painter will paint the two worst ones after completing BLDG 2.

5.     Bids for future work:
The siding on both BLDG 1 and 3 may require siding before painting can be done.  Cathy is gathering opinions, advice and bids.  She will present this information to the board at the subsequent board meetings.  The estimated cost for the siding alone is $100,000 per building.


Other Business:


Deanne and Nancy Stull informed the Board that their cars had been broken into.  With the help of video footage from the condominium surveillance system, the Sheriff’s Office had sufficient information and evidence to arrest two young adults.  The stolen items were returned.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP CARS LOCKED.




Next Meeting:

Saturday October 13, 2012  at 9am

Saturday November 10, 2012 at 9am




Prepared by:  Cathy Tepel due to Carol Hassebrock’s Absence