Mariners Cove Association Board Regular Meeting

Minutes, Sept 16, 2017



Call to order: 9am

††††††††††††††† Board Members Present: Tom, Deanne, Carol, Wayne, Eric

††††††††††††††† Greet Guests: Margaret Reiner, Tim Lynch, Sharon

††††††††††††††† Add agenda items from guests

††††††††††††††† Margaret Reimer: View of water due to shrubs, sliding doors, dryer vents

††††††††††††††† Sharon: Gardening, Car in handicap spot


Minutes of June meeting as emailed. Motion EH to approve, 2nd Deanne. Passed.

Approve April minutes for the minutes. Motion EH to approve, 2nd Deanne. Passed.

Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Motion Wayne to approve, 2nd Tom. Passed. †

Facility Report: †Wayne Holverstott

Wayne recognized Timís contributions to the community.

Discussion re: enclosing bike/kayak area. Wayne provided sketches of possible enclosure. Proposed 2 options for enclosing bike area. Motion Deanne to approve $2,000 for fencing bike area, Tom 2nd. Passed.


Grounds Report:† Deanne Wright

There have been a few complaints and many congratulations on the status of the grounds.

Deanne has met with landscape bosses to address complaints. She is here every Friday to walk the grounds with landscape crew.

We need bark mulch front and back. Area behind tennis courts is an eyesore and would need gravel or bark mulch to control weeds.

Discussed garbage area.

People in building 1 would like rhodys cut down to improve view. Building 2 shrubs need to be cut also. . They will not bloom next year after they are cut. Eric motion to proceed with rhody trim, Tom 2nd. Passed.

Presidentís Report:† Carol Hassebrock

Fire system and back flow testing has been completed. $747.50 cost to make repairs and maintain compliance.

We have let the clubhouse cleaner go due to non-performance. New cleaner put a lot of effort into cleaning on a one time basis. We need to hire a new cleaner. Tim and Tom have contacts. Tomís contact, Nelva Santyo would need 3 hours per cleaning at $25/hr. Tom to get proposal for every other week. Board to assess whether or not we need to increase to weekly in November.

Old Business: ††

Property security, tabled.

Berm progress a ways off.

Dryer vents were inspected last year and those that needed cleaning were cleaned.

Scupper problems, EH to research cost for heat tracing of roof.

Snow removal, Deanne to get estimate from landscapers. Tom to look into other estimates.


New Business:†

††††††††††††††† Insurance Policy 2017-2018 reviewed.

††††††††††††††† Retaining wall, Carol to look into consultant to review problems.

††††††††††††††† Building siding issues, Carol to look into getting proposals from contractors.


Executive Session approximately 25 minutes to discuss personnel.


Out of executive session:

Business from executive session:

EH motion to add Cathy Tepel as board member ex officio, Tom 2nd. Passed.

The board accepts with regrets the resignation of Kim Brugess from the board.

EH motion to ask Tim Lynch to join the board to fill Kimís position, Wayne 2nd. Passed.

Wayne motion to add Tim Lynch to payroll as facilities employee, Tom 2nd.

Wayne motion to add Tim Lynch to Pacific Builder account. EH 2nd. Passed


Carol motion to adjourn, EH 2nd. Approved.

Adjournment††† 11am

Next meeting October 14, 2017