Marinerís Cove Special Meeting


September 19. 2020






Purpose of meeting:††††† Discuss Insurance Quote.


 Under the rules for special meetings, our agenda is limited to the stated purpose of the meeting.  We can have conversations about other matters, but no action can be taken.


Call to order:  9 am by President Ralph Tepel


Attendees: Chris Urquhart, James Ponder, Carol Hassebrock, Ralph Tepel, Tim Lynch, Eric Hedges


Quick review of current renewal bid for all insurance for Marinerís Cove.† Large increase for earthquake coverage.† Discuss 2% vs 5% deductible for earthquake coverage.


Motion by Carol Hassebrock to go with the Palomar Specialty earthquake policy at $18,305 with a 2% deductible (deductible is 2% of the insured replacement cost) in concurrence with recommendation by SSK as discussed by the board, second by Chris Urquhart. Motion passed.


Discuss flood insurance coverage for the clubhouse/pool.


Motion by Tim Lynch to accept the 2020 SSK insurance proposal dated September 15, 2020 which provide insurance coverage until September 26, 2021, second by Eric Hedges. Motion passed.


Other business concerning insurance.




Motion to adjourn at 10:06AM by Jamie Ponder, second by Chris Urquhart. Motion passed.