Mariners Cove Board Meeting Minutes September 25, 2021


Call to order at 9 am by President Ralph Tepel.


Board Attendees: Sandi Mehl, Steve Wimbush, Jamie Ponder, Carol Hassebrock, Ralph Tepel, Brooks Friedland

Guests:  Lynda Wimbush


Correspondence: Letter from Forsbergs, Unit 229, requesting shrubbery trimming/removal to improve bay view.


Minutes: August 21, 2021 board meeting as emailed was approved with a motion by Jamie and a second by Brooks.


Financial Report:  As emailed was approved with a motion by Sandi and a seconded by Jamie.


Old Business:

Facilities Report:  Brooks

1.    Photinia shrubs replacement of dead ones still pending.

2.    Dog Park surface pending. 

3.    Remove handicapped sign from in front of unit 241, Bldg 3

4.    Pool update, New pool vacuum purchased.


Lawn and Grounds report:   Jamie

1.     Photinia shrubs replacement of dead ones still pending.

2.     Discussion on Forsbergs request for shrubbery trimming/removal to improve   bay view.  Motion to work with Forsbergs on trimming shrubs for easier access between their two patios.  The view will be addressed further when the total complex landscaping is reviewed as a whole during spring planning, February, 2022.  Motion by Jamie, second by Sandi.  MC

CCR rewrite update:  Tabled Carol


Berm Access:  Carol will represent the Board with a request for several access points 

               between the street and over the berm to the beach.


New Business:  

1.    Insurance:  A discussion was held concerning the 2021-2022 Insurance Package as prepared by Snapper, Schuler, Kenner was presented by Carol Hassebrock.  The Board approved the Insurance Package for General Liability/Building Coverage and Earthquake, and flood for a total premium of $71,876.  Motion by Steve, Second by Sandi.  MC.

2.    Lack of beach access over the new berm was discussed.  Motion to authorize Carol Hassebrock to represent the Association in a request to Whatcom County Public Works Department for beach access over the berm for Mariners Cove owners and the public that use the beach.   Motion by Steve, Second by Jamie.  MC


Motion to adjourn at 10:30 by Jamie, second by Brooks - MC


Next meeting, October 15, 2021.