Approved Mariners Cove October 16, 2004 Minutes

Called to order 8:00 A.M. October 16, 2004

Those present,  Ken Russell Vice President
                       Carol Hassebrock
                       Anne Van Der Zalm
                       Peter Van Der Zalm, Secretary

Those absent    Marianne Shotwell, President 
                       Nancy Stull, Treasurer
                       Deanne Wright
Homeowners present: None

Old Business: 
1. Review and approve Sept. minutes.
Revise old business no. 2- trim boards need to be installed.
Revise and add new business no. 1- Hugh Lewis (Lawyer)
Accepted by the board with the above additions, revisions.

2. Review and approve Oct. Special Meeting Minutes.
Accepted by the board as written.

3. Deck repair projects currently underway.
We have been notified by P.M. Construction that he has no time to finish the deck project. The board discussed options to finish the deck projects. Carol will investigate and get back to the board early next week with a potential contractor. 

New Business: 
The board acknowledges that Marianne Shotwell and Nancy Stull have resigned from the board. The board thanks them both for their service and recognizes their many hours of service. The board regrettably accepts their resignation. 

1. Appoint a new V.P. and Treasurer
Ken nominated Carol Hassebrock to serve as Treasurer, seconded by Anne Van Der Zalm. The vote was unanimous. The board decided to wait until the next meeting to deal with the Vice President position. 

2. Bookkeeping Solutions NW: budget, signatures, etc.
Check signing authority was authorized for Carol Hassebrock as the new Treasurer; it was reaffirmed to Ken Russell. The board will send a letter to Bookkeeping Solutions informing them of the changes.

3. Letter from unit 224
The letter was received by the board, several concerns were noted these will be addressed by the board and a letter will be forwarded to the unit owner

4. Phone line unit #236
Alternate service was discussed. Confirmation was given that the unit owner will be using an alternate wire free service.

5. Lawn care contract for 2005
Peter will contact the Landscaping Contractor and discuss 2005 service.

6. Schedule of repairs/assessment.
The board will continue to evaluate the project book and will continue to discuss at the next board meeting.

7. Manager
Discussed, tabled.

Meeting adjourned at noon.