Mariners Cove Condominium Board of Directors Meeting

October 15, 2005 at 9:00 AM

Attending: Carol Hasselbrock, Wayne Holverstat, Jim Morehouse, Arlyn Plagerman, Anne Van Der Zahm

Minutes for September 17, 2005 meeting were reviewed and minor changes made.

Discussion on the remodel of Sharon Roy’s unit. The board reiterated that all plans must go through the board before construction may begin.

A letter is to be sent out stating to condo owners that they are ultimately responsible for the inside heating of their units as winter is approaching.

Review of Treasure’s Report by Arlyn. Board approved budget as presented.

It was noted a surveyor is to inspect the buildings for safety and maintenance periodically and report back to the board as an update.

Harlan reported on the progress of general repairs.

An updated ownership listed was provided to the board.

An update on the sewer status was provided. A temporary pump is to be installed for Phase 1 and clubhouse in preparation for the upcoming winter and help prevent the flooding issues that have occurred previously.

Additional update was made on the deck repairs for Phase 1 with three completed by October 1 and further construction to be completed next spring. The Phase 3 deck expense is still expected to be offset by Exxel at this time.

It was noted that lawn care bids are begin taken for the 2006 year.

An update was provided on the cleaning of the clubhouse. It is being cleaned twice a month at a cost of $46

It was announced that the covenants will be reviewed and discussed at the November board meeting and updated as needed.

Meeting adjourned.