Marinerís Cove Condo Association

Board Meeting October 20, 2007


Call to Order: 9:00 am

Directors Present:

Carol Hassebrock, President; Deanne Wright, Vice President;

Arlyn Plagerman, Treasurer; Jim Morehouse, member; Cathy Tepel, member

Absent: Anne Van Der Zalm, Secretary; Wayne Holverstott, member

No visitors

Minutes for September 2007 meeting will be tabled until November when Secretary Anne will be in attendance.

Treasurerís Report. Accepted as presented by Treasurer Arlyn Plagerman

Old Business:

Buildings. Carol reported for Wayne. Weekly walk through of complex is continuing. Phase II roof repairs are complete. Flat roof for Phase II was sealed with a membrane. Side roofs were re-shingled. Work was done by RainDance Inc. Wayne has obtained the material for the bottom boards around Phase I and the clubhouse. Jim is painting the boards.

Grounds. October ends the contract for lawn maintenance. It was decided to bring the lawn maintenance crew back in December to do a clean-up before the holidays.

Window and door replacement bids: Carol presented bids for three contractors concerning replacement of the faulty glass in the patio doors and windows in Phase III. The manufacture of the original product has gone out of business and is bankrupt. Pacific Building Center has the best bid of $264.00 for each set of patio doors glass replacement. MSC: Deanne and Jim to replace using Pacific Building Center. Another survey of the patio glass and windows in Phase III that are faulty will be done.

New Business:

Jim will distribute ice melt to each unit.

Winterizing letters were sent to each owner and to residents.

2008 budget needs were discussed. Arlyn will bring a draft budget to the November meeting for the Boardís discussion and approval.

MSC: Jim and Deanne, no Board meeting in December.

Adjournment: 12 noon


Deanne Wright, Acting Secretary