October 17, 12015

President:                           Cathy Tepel

Vice President:                 Jim Morehouse

Secretary:                           Kim Burgess

Treasurer:                           Carol Hassebrock

Board Members:              Wayne Holverstott

                                                Chris Urquhart

                                                Deanne Wright

Absent:                                                Wayne Holverstott

CALL TO ORDER:               9:00 AM

                                                Call to order by President, Cathy Tepel.

GUESTS:                               None.


MINUTES:                           Motion made by Chris to accept the minutes of the meeting held September 19, 2015.  2nd by Carol.  Approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT:       Presented by Carol.  Motion made by Kim to approve the report as presented.  2nd by Deanne.  Approved.


Presidents Report:          Lock has been placed on the fence on the south end of building 2.

                                                Resident reported a bike was stolen.  Video capturing theft has been turned over to the local police.  To date, no ID of suspect.

To protect other stored bikes and storage shed, suggested to move catamaran to the first parking spot.  This will leave a better view of the area.  Kim will speak to owner of the catamaran.

The current fee for a lost clubhouse key is $50.00.  Motion made by Carol to increase to fee to $100.00.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.

Maintenance:                    Cathy gave the following update:

Request received to have rails in Building 2 sanded and painted.  Building 1 also needs sanding and painting.

                                                Outside faucet in the courtyard adjacent to Building 1 repaired. 

                                                Nail pops reported on one deck in Building 1.  All decks checked and no other issues found.  Owner supplied with touch up paint for a temporary repair.  Decks to be checked again in the spring and re-painted as necessary.

                                                Bids received to clean downspouts and install screens at mouth of downspouts.

                                                Northwest Roofing & Shampoo - $2,500.00.  Available immediately.

                                                Dan D - $1,500.00 plus cost of supplies (approximately $1,800.00 total).  Unknown availability.

                                                Motion to contract with Northwest Roofing & Cleaning by Carol.  2nd by Kim.  Approved.

                                                Bid received from Dan D to repair decks on building 2.  Motion made by Carol to accept bid at a cost of $7,471.31.  2nd by Chris.

Grounds:                             Deanne gave the follow update:

                                                The hedge adjacent to the driveway will be trimmed as requested by owner.

                                                Planting in the parking lot where trees were removed will be done in the Spring.  Suggestion made to plant Rhododendrons.  

                                                Weed killer to be applied to the area next to the garbage cans and new rock to be added in the Spring. 

                                                Cathy advised the back wall has not been cleaned as per contract.  Deanne will speak to landscapers.

                                                Tennis courts need cleaning again.

SALES:                                   No sales.

OLD BUSINESS:                 Bi-laws – tabled.

                                                Draft of house rules clarifying use of common areas presented by Carol. No additions requested.  Motion made by Chris to accept draft as presented.  2nd by Deanne.  Approved.

                                                Sprinklers have been tested for backflow and irrigation.  Two valves have to be replaced.

                                                Work on Building 2 will begin November 1, 2015.

                                                Discussion regarding options to repair the pool. Bid of $17,000.00 received to use vinyl.  Using vinyl will eliminate the need to re-tile and require less chemicals.  Second bid to fix everything received in the amount of $50,000.00.

                                                Hot Springs Pools will be on property November 21, 2015 and provide bid to repair both the pool and the hot tub.

                                                Question re warranty of both options.  Cathy will advise at next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS:               Advised of possible leak in clubhouse kitchen sink area and request to replace dishwasher.  Motion to replace dishwasher made by Kim.  2nd by Chris.  Approved.

                                                Toilets in both clubhouse bathrooms need replacing.  The cost to replace all toilets and seats will be approximately $1,660.00.  Motion to replace all three toilets made by Carol.  2nd by Chris.  Approved. 

                                                Oven sensor replaced in clubhouse kitchen.  All in working order again.  (Thank you Ralph Tepel.)

                                                Discussion regarding using sand or silicone for de-icing this winter.  Decision to go with silicone.  Supplies to be picked up, bagged and delivered to each resident with instructions attached.

                                                Cleaning of clubhouse not being completed as required.  Cathy spoke to cleaner and an agreement made to clean the clubhouse every second Thursday.


OTHER BUSINESS:            None.

Motion to adjourn made by Chris.  2nd by Jim.  Approved.

ADJOURNMENT:              11:00

NEXT MEETING:                November 21, 2015