Mariners Cove Association Board Regular Meeting

Minutes, October 13, 2018



Call to order: 9am. Stacy, Tim, Tom, Carol, Eric

               Greet Guests: Eric Rosenthal, Cathy Weeks

               Add agenda items from guests. None.


Correspondence regarding the grass removal in front of building 2. 5 of 6 ground floor owners in building 2 are not in favor of having the work done. Tim needs to get bids on having the work done. Owner’s approved of this work at annual meeting by overwhelming majority. Board discussion was to proceed with the actions that the Owners directed us to do.


Minutes of September as E-mailed. Motion to approve by Stacy. Second by Tom. Approved.

Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock. Motion to approve by Stacy. Second by Tim. Approved. Carol presented audit report. Motion by Tim to approve. Second by Tom. Approved.

Grounds Report and Facilities Report:  Tim Lynch

1.      Landscaping on water side of Building 2. Tim getting another bid. Landscaper moved out of the area.

2.      Building I, step brackets. Tim to prioritize.

3.      Pressure wash exteriors to remove mildew. Tim getting another bid. Eric Rosenthal may be able to do as well.

4.      Sidewalk leveling. Tim and Eric R. to come up with a game plan. Tree roots will likely need to be cut at sidewalk in order to eliminate the future sidewalk raising.

5.      French Drain on retaining wall. Tim is working on solution to waste water from complex above. Our French drain has been checked and blown out and looks good.

6.      Building 3 fire alarm system. Guardian is scheduled to correct the problem. Guardian has sent an email to Fire Marshal letting them know that they are performing the work on the 19th. Carol will let the owners know that their units will be accessed.

7.      Back flow. Tim is getting a bid from Ben the Plumber.  

8.      Hot tub. Heat exchanger is leaking. Lynden Sheet Metal did the install. It may still be under warranty. Tim is getting a bid to get heat exchanger replaced. Stacy motion to get bid on hot tub repair. Tom second.  Approved.

Old Business:    

1.      Dog issues continue around building #2.

2.      Designated dog area.  Motion by Eric, Second by Tom that we authorize Stacy to procure dog bag station and signage up to $250 and we designate far Northeast part of property, north of sport court, as dog relief area. Proposal is that this is on a six-month trial basis to be re-evaluated at April meeting. Approved.

3.      Action from facilities/grounds report. See above.

4.      Insurance update 2018-2019. Earthquake premium amount increased by ____. This will reduce deductible if there is a claim from 5% to 2%.  The board approved this previously via email vote.



New Business:

1.      Tim motion, Stacy second to engage same auditor for 2018 audit. Carol Hassebrock authorized to sign engagement letter.  MC.

2.       Action from facilities/grounds report.

3.      Budget Committee, 2019. Carol, Stacy and Kathy. Board members to send recommendations to budget committee for upcoming expenditures.

4.      South Fence Repair. Tim has patched this up.

5.      Tree trim request for trees in front of Bldg 3. This is being done on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Tim will attempt to be there to represent the board. Trees are not on our property so Board has no jurisdiction. 

6.      Landscape Contract bids. February 29 is when contract ends. Tim to procure proposals in January.

7.      Light adjustment for Building 2.  Eric H and Tim to look at photocells to see if they can be adjusted.



Adjournment:  11:30 am  Next meeting November 10, 2018 at 9:00AM. Motion to adjourn by Tim, second by Stacy.




Eric Hedges, Secretary