Mariners Cove Association Board Oct 17, 2020




Call to Order:  9 am

Attendees: Ralph Tepel, Chris Urquhart, James Ponder, Brooks Friedland, Carol Hassebrock, Felecia Sutton, Eric Hedges

Guests: Felecia Sutton began the meeting as a guest and ended as a board member.



            Resignation email from Tim Lynch.  Motion by Carol to accept Tim’s resignation with regret and we appreciate all the work he has done for the community, second by Chris. Approved.


Minutes: Four meeting minutes to approve as emailed earlier.

Motion to approve the August 2020 board meeting minutes by Eric, second by James. Approved.

Motion to approve September 12 board meeting minutes as corrected with Carol Hassebrock authorized to sign legal documents in place of Chris Urquhart, and remove Cathy Tepel and Tim Lynch  removed as check signers as they are no longer on the board, motion by Ralph, second by Jamie. Approved.

Motion by Carol to approve August 15 board minutes, second by Ralph. Approved.

Motion to approve September 5 board meeting minutes by Ralph, second by Brooks. Approved.

Motion to approve September 19 special meeting by Ralph, second by Chris. Approved.


Financial Report: Carol Hassebrock

Motion to approve financial report as presented and not add funds to the insurance reserve for the balance of the year as we have overpaid this fund, motion by Eric, second by Ralph. Approved.


Old Business:

            Facilities and Grounds Report:  Ralph

1.       Pipe lines inspection, sprinkler head replacement condo #224 Don Graham’s unit.  Lights fixed along drive-way.  Rhodies cut by driveway brick wall.  Dump run from several years of accumulation.  Approved purchase of new sprinkler heads on outside landings of Building 3.

2.      Pool reopening discussion and action. Motion by Carol to evaluate opening the pool when the Governor determines we are in Phase 3, second by Brooks. Approved. 

3.       Winterization letter to owners.  Disperse ice melt.  Discuss when to have parking lot plowed during snow incident. Tim sent us an example of a temperature probe for storage unit.  Discussion.  Other considerations for winter.

4.      Renter in Don Graham’s unit #224 vacated

5.       Brooks gave an update on AED training. He is still looking into it.

New Business

            Discussion on projects for 2021.  As emailed earlier. 

            Washington State Community Association:  Do we want to continue with membership?  Cost for individual $125, two people $230, 3 to 15 people $295.

Motion by Carol to continue membership in the WSCA at the three to fifteen person level, second by Ralph. Approved. 

            Budget planning for 2021.  Appoint committee to prepare General and Reserve Budgets to present drafts to the Board at November meeting.  Notify owners the Board will ratify budgets at December Board meeting. Send copy of proposed budgets to owners, reminding owners the floor will be open before the Board votes on the budget.  Owners will be given time to comment, question, speak for or against the proposed budgets.  Ralph, Carol, Chris and Felecia will compose this committee.

            Dues/assessment increase for 2021?  Discussion. Tabled until budget is established.

Other business.

Motion by Ralph to appoint Felecia Sutton to fill Tim Lynch’s open board position. Approved.

Next meeting…November 21 at 9:00AM.

Motion to adjourn at 11:25AM by Ralph, second by Chris. Approved.