November 15, 2003

PRESENT: Board Members Ken Russell, Daun Botta Pillo, Marianne Shotwell-Sowers, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa, George Emmett.  Also present: 1 association member.

ABSENT:  Nancy Stull

Meeting convened at 9:00 am, Board Vice-President Ken Russell presiding.

Attending association member Peter Vanderzalm was welcomed by the board.

Minutes of the Meeting of October 18th were approved as corrected.

Owner Comments & Questions:
1.  Request that board games be provided in the lounge.  Answer:  Owner contributions of appropriate board games are welcome.
2.  Request for treadmill in lounge.  Answer:  Cost + maintenance + liability make this presently impractical.
3.  Request to ban rentals.  Answer: Not possible under M.C. declaration & bylaws, or state law.
4.  Disc:  Posted advance notices of board meetings are being removed by persons unknown.  These notices are an important service to all owners.  Unauthorized removal of the notices, if observed, should be reported to the board.

Disc: Abuse of the association clubhouse:  On the morning of Nov. 15th, a young couple, accompanied by their unleashed pit bull terrier, were discovered sleeping in the clubhouse, where they had spent the night.  The female claimed to be related to a tenant.  The Board of Directors stresses that the bylaws prohibit use of any common facility as an overnight accommodation.  Nor are pets of any kind, leashed or unleashed, permitted inside the clubhouse, the pool or any other common recreational area.   The by-laws also prohibit use of the lounge for business purposes.  It may, however, be reserved for such social occasions as birthday parties, bridal showers and receptions.  Such use is conditional upon the thorough cleaning of the lounge after the function.  Any required post-function cleaning or damage repairs will be billed to the responsible unit owner.

Disc:  Three units have been sold.  The association welcomes new owners Tom & Janet Scalley, Charles Barnett and Greg Bistline.

Managing Board Members' Report:
1. Packages of ice-melt compound for use on stairs and walks have been distributed.
2. Roof leaks: Ken Russell and Brian Botta Pillo applied patching compound to areas of shingled roof overhangs.  These shingled overhangs appear to be the principal source of reported leaks.
3. Lawn care: There will be one more mowing before suspending this work for the winter.
4. Surface water damage: Mark Simard, in discussion with manager of mobile resort above Mariner's Cove, was told that a "broken pipe" which has resulted in flooding of our parking area, will be repaired.  Results will be monitored.  Clogged storm water catch basin in parking area will require periodic cleaning, probably by a septic tank cleaning firm.
5. Larry Kosterewa will again contact the builders of Phases 2 and 3 for sprinkler blueprints that will allow us to apply for lowered insurance rates.

Old Business:
1.  Security fence approved, 29 to 12.  $75 assessment will be added to 1st quarter '04 dues reminder to be mailed Dec. 15th.
2.  Handyman Solutions has been chosen to clean all gutters; de-moss roofs; & pressure wash walks & stairs of Phase 2.  The board thanks owner Peter Vanderzalm and Daun Botta Pillo for posting advisory notices to tenants.
3.  Handyman position: There being no interest expressed by homeowners, the job will be offered for bidding by professional maintenance firms.
4.  Insurance: After discussion, the Board agreed, Daun abstaining, on the urgency of  increasing our insurance coverage to $90 per square foot.
5.  Disc:  Damage claim against Walker's One Carpet Co. regarding water damage to a unit due to negligence by their sub-contractor.  MOTION: by George, Daun 2d, to file a claim in Small Claims Court to recoup the association's cost of repairs.  George & Daun to research court procedures.

Treasurer's Report (Daun): All dues are up to date.  Disbursements to date: $98,122  Budgeted: $98,350.

Old Business, cont'd:
6.  Bids for annual audit favor retention of John L. O'Brien & Co.  MOTION: by Mark, Daun 2d, to retain O'Brien.  Mark to coordinate with O'Brien.
7.  Disc: 2004 operational budget.  Preliminary budget, with adjustments from 2003, discussed.
8.  MOTION by Daun, Mark 2d: To relieve the Board Treasurer of the burden of Accounts Payable accounting and move it to Bookkeeping Solutions, which presently handles other Association accounting, at an added cost of $125 monthly.  Motion passed unanimously

Submitted by
George Emmett, Secty