Mariners Cove Board Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2015


Present:† Cathy Tepel, president; Carol Hassebrock, treasurer; Wayne Holvertott, Deanne Wright, Chris Urquhart

Absent:† Kim Burgess, Jim Morehouse

Call to Order:† 9 am.

Correspondence:† E-mail from Tom Scaley, Unit 210.† Complaint concerning electrical use by contractor.† Carol to write response.†

Minutes of the October Board meeting were approved with a motion by Wayne and Second by Deanne.

Financial Report was presented.† Approved by motion made by Chris and Second by Jim.

Motion to authorize Carol to contract with Joseph H. Vandal, CPA.PS for the 2015 Association audit.† Made by Chris, Second, by Wayne.† MC 5-0

Motion to authorize Carol to file a lien against unit owner that is in arrears.† Made by Deanne, Second by Wayne.† MC 5-0


Presidentís Report: †Cathy Tepel

1.      †Met with pool repairman.† 2.† 3 toilets replaced in restrooms.† 3.† Dishwasher replaced.† 4.† Guardian Security completed back-flow repairs at a cost of $670 to keep us in compliance with the Health Department. †

Committee Reports:

Wayne Holverstott, Facilities Report:

1.      New Basketball hoop installed by Mark Musselwhite and Wayne.† Mark has volunteered to pressure wash the sportís court.

2.      Building ll work on decks is nearing completion.† Rot repaired on unit 217 which will add to the bid.† All other deck repairs were as expected.†

Deanne Wright, Gardens and Grounds Report:

1.      Lawn and grounds contract for next year.

2.      Hedge trimmed at driveway entrance.

3.      Gravel/rocks to be placed in raised area by garbage compound.† Area to be leveled firs


Old Business:

By-laws tabled.

Pool repair discussed.† Work to start in February.† Contractor will schedule according to the tides to keep the water table as low as possible.†† Pool will be closed for approximately one month.† A blower will be added to the hot tub system to solve the aeration problems.† Motion to award pool repair bid to Prestigious Pools, Inc. for $23,050 +tax.† Made by Carol, Seconded by Wayne.† MC 5-0


New Business:

Ground and maintenance contract renewal discussed.† Motion to authorize Deanne to renew contract with Management Services for the same price as last year, $17,803.56.† Contract to be renewed for three years if company will agree to holding the cost for the length of the contract.† Motion made Carol, Seconded Chris.† MC 5-0

Executive Meeting:

Cathy Tepel called the Board into executive meeting at 10:15am to discuss security issues, and misuse of club house and a unitís two quartersí dues arrears.† †Back in to open meeting at 10:30am.


Security situation was discussed with owner of unit earlier.† Carol will send a letter to renter expressing our concerns.† Motion by Chris, Seconded by Wayne.† MC 5-0.

Matter of misuse of clubhouse will be handled with a letter listing expectations for users of the clubhouse with consequences listed for noncompliance to rules.† Motion by Deanne, Seconded Chris.† MC 5-0.

Matter of unit owner in arrears for two quartersí dues.† Carol will contact the owner to try and resolve the issue.† Motion by Deanne, seconded by Wayne.† MC 5-0

Adjournment:††† 10:50 †††Next meeting January 9, 2016



Carol Hassebrock, Acting Secretary