Mariners Cove Condominium Association

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2022


Call to Order:  9 am via Zoom

Board Attendees: Ralph Tepel, Jamie Ponder, Carol Hassebrock, Brooks Friedland, Eric Hedges

Greet guests: Cading Probadora, Tom Scally, Don Graham,


Motion to approve Minutes of October 15 as emailed, motion by Brooks Friedland, second by Jamie Ponder. Motion carries.

Financial Report as emailed. Motion to approve financial report by Jamie Ponder, second by Eric Hedges. Motion carries.


Committee Reports:

            Facilities:  Brooks Friedland

                        Building 2 parking light repair.

Gutters in buildings 1 and 2

                        Lawn/grounds:  Jamie Ponder



Old Business:

            Flood/frozen pipe repairs progress report.

            Status on Windows/Patio Doors

            Prep for winter

            Budget for 2023


New Business

Flood Emergency Plan

Don Graham volunteered to act as liaison to neighbors to the south regarding trees impacting views. The board appreciates Don’s participation.


Executive Session: Contact Lawyer Re; CCR interpretation


Out of Executive Session.      


Other Business:  Action from Executive Session. Motion by Eric Hedges, second by Brooks Friedland to gather attorney’s interpretation of enforceability of CCR’s relative to specific issues in Amendment 6. Motion carries.


Next meeting: December 17, 2022.  9 am.


Motion to adjourn at 10:23AM by Eric Hedges, second by Brooks Friedland. Motion carries.