DEC. 13, 2003



PRESENT: Daun Botta Pillo, Marianne Shotwell, Ken Russell, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa.

                   **Also Present 1 (one) Association Condominium Owner.


ABSENT: Nancy Stull, George Emmett.


“Special Meeting”

Meeting convened @ 9:00 am, Board Member Ken Russell Presiding.


Agenda: 1) Introduction of Board Members to Darrel Robinson.

               2) Repair to water damaged unit’s #230, 239, & 253.

               2) Quality of work done by “Handyman Solutions” Darrel Robinson.

               3) New Handyman.

               4) Sub Contractor

               5) Keys for Handyman & Contractor


1)  The Board did a walk through Phase 2 in re of the Pressure Washing.

2)  Darrel agreed to re-do the Pressure washing at his own expense.

3)  The moss on the roof will be reviewed again at a later date. The solution applied must have time to take its course. Per Darrel, if necessary he will re-apply the solution and when the moss dies the moss debris will be removed out of the gutters. 

4)  The missing down spout in phase 2 after the gutter cleaning was replaced within a day after Darrel was informed of this.

5)  The Board had an open discussion on using Darrel as a general contractor and the possibility of using a new found Handyman who is experienced and lives within walking distance to Mariners Cove. Leo Heisner will work for $14.00 / Hr. (In comparison to Darrel at $25.00 / Hr.)

6)  The Board agreed to have Darrel repair Unit #239 (Marianne Shotwell’s) first. Since Marianne is a board member it was decided by all present that this would be a good way to track the quality of work by Darrel.

7)  MOTION: Larry K. moved to hire Leo E. Heisner at $14.00 / hr. up to a maximum of 25 Hrs. per month as an employee handyman.

MOTION 2nd  By  Marianne Shotwell.

VOTE FOR : Unanimous   OPPOSED : 0

8)  Daun will do a background check on Leo and agreed to deal with new locks          and keys for common area storage rooms. The reason for this was so that a contractor or handyman would not have access to master keys to the residential units.

9)  Darrel expressed that he would much rather sub-contract than work as a handyman.

10)  Darrel said he would start repairs on Dec.29/03.