Mariners Cove Association Board  December 12, 2020




Call to Order:  9 am

Attendees: Jamie Ponder, Chris Urquhart, Ralph Tepel, Carol Hassebrock, Brooks Friedland, Felecia Sutton, Eric Hedges

Guests: Cathe Weeks. Christina Brewer




 Minutes:  Eric November minutes as e-mailed. Motion by Carol Hassebrock to approve the minutes as amended, second by Chris. Approved.


 Financial Report: Motion to approve financial report by Eric, second by Jamie. Approved.


Old Business:


            Facilities and grounds report:  Ralph

-          Unit 227 Ceiling stain

-          South parking lot water

-          Light bulb replacements

-          Continue drone discussion for roof inspection

-          Brooks is sprinkling melting salts occasionally when freezing



            2021 Budget discussion

            Dues assessment needs discussion

                        Capital reserve needs for 2021

Motion by Felecia to present proposed 2021 budget to condo owners, second by Eric. Approved.

Motion by Chris to assess the membership a $35/month increase in monthly dues to, begin second quarter of 2021, to cover budget increases, second by Felecia. Approved.



New Business: 

-          Ice melt distributed. Thanks to all who participated.

-          Roof inspection/cleaning

-          PSE installation across street – Presentation by Christina Brewer. A permanent guy pole was added to the overhead electrical distribution system which is blocking the views from several units in building 3. Christina has had discussions with the county engineer regarding other solutions. The county engineer has been helpful but not receptive to making any changes to the current installation as it may affect the design of the berm, sidewalk and associated parking. Our next step is to appeal to the county council or county executive. Christina has multiple bullet points drafted and has requested assistance in writing an official letter from the Association to the County.

-          On the evening of December 11 the mail boxes were broken into. Fececia has filed a police report and has a case number and contact information, phone number is 360-676-6911 and request theft report updates. Case #20A39475. The board discussed immediate quick fixes and the need for a long term solution.


Other business:None

Next meeting…Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 9:00AM

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Eric at 10:42AM, second by Chris. Approved.