10 AM

Greet owners.  Assist those who need help signing in to meeting.

Certify meeting by roll call and by proxy count.  Need 26 units represented.

Eric Hedges is the host of the meeting and will be directing the logistics.

33 units represented in person or via proxy, Tim Douglas motion to certify the meeting, second by Chris Urquhart. Approved.



Call to order by President Carol Hassebrock

1.     Introduce Board Members and new owners.

2.     Presentation and additions to the agenda.

3.     Motion and vote to accept the agenda by the membership. Motion by Eric Hedges to accept the agenda as presented, second by Chris Urquhart. Approved.

Old Business

1.     2019 minutes as emailed to membership Presented for additions and corrections.  Motion and vote to approve 2019 annual minutes. Motion by Tim Douglas to accept the minutes as presented, second by Ralph Tepel. Accepted.

2.     Financial report to date.  Motion and vote to accept financial report. Motion by Ralph Tepel to accept financial report as presented, Second by Chris Urquhart. Approved.

3.     Review of information emailed to members with annual meeting notice.               Clarification and discussion as requested.

New Business

1.      Other business and discussions as added to agenda at beginning of meeting.

2.     Election for five open board member positions. No nominations from the floor. Motion by Tim Douglas, second by Ralph Tepel to close nominations.

Carol Hassebrock, Jamie Ponder, Ralph Tepel and Chris Urquhart have agreed to let their names stand for re-election. Nominations from others are Brooks Friedland, and Felecia Sutton. Sharon Tucker was nominated but withdrew her name from consideration.

Nominations for the Board accepted from members

Discussion on how vote should be taken.

Call for vote on Board members.

Motion by Tim Douglas and second by David Sutton to appoint Cathe Weeks and Eric Hedges as election tellers.

Motion by Gary Haveman and second by Tim Douglas to conduct election for board members electronically via email. Deadline for ballots to be valid is 2:00PM PDT, September 12, 2020.


Board member votes as tallied by Cathe Weeks and Eric Hedges:

Brooks Freidland-30

Carol Hassebrock-28

Jamie Ponder-29

Felecia Sutton-14

Ralph Tepel-27

Chris Urquhart-18


Good of the community- Tom Scally spoke about CO detector shelf life.


Motion to adjourn at 11:40AM by Ralph Tepel, second by Chris Uruqhart. Approved.


Adjournment  (As per CCRs, new board will meet immediately following.  Owners welcome to attend.)