Approved Minutes

February 24, 2007

Call to Order: 9am.

Directors present
Carol Hasebrock President
Deanne Wright Vice President
Anne Van Der Zalm Secretary
Jim Morehouse
Wayne Holverstat

Arlyn Plagerman Treasurer

Greet visitors
None present

Minutes of January meeting, Anne
Minutes read and approved

Treasurer's Report, Carol for Arlyn
Financial Reports given by Carol

Committee Reports
Buildings, Inspection Logs, etc.
Report given by Wayne
Proposal to do cement work, walkway and sidewalk (in new business)

Grounds Report Deanne
March start up for landscape maintenance.
Discussion took place about sprucing up the garden. Deanne will get quote from gardeners.

Sales Report Anne
Unit in Phase #1 sold 

Community Updates Jim
New Deputy Sheriff has been assigned to Birch Bay.

Old Business
Covered by Committee reports


New Business
Wayne gave estimate for sidewalk repair around pool and asphalt sidewalk in front of the condos. Go ahead to repair was given at last meeting. This will be done by Wayne as an employee with another employee. 
Motion by Deanne
Seconded by Jim
Abstain Wayne
Motion approved

Discussion took place regarding the purchase of a community pressure washer, and power blower. 
Motion by Wayne to have Carol purchase.
Seconded by Jim
Motion approved

Discussion took place regarding the removal of Real Estate firm signs from the property.
Motion made by Wayne to remove real estate signs and replace with community sign.
Seconded by Deanne
Motion approved
*Jim and Wayne will take care of new sign and placement.


Meeting adjourned at 11:00